Demon Lord’s Pet Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 The art of Pet’s skill  Act performance


Kazuya had the area surrounding his eyes wrapped in bandages.

「It hurts.. The blood has finally stopped flowing out.」
「Unexpectedly, a large amount of blood has flowed out.」
「Ahh.. Due to this, there are some books which are stained in blood.」

Although the bandages were immediately pressed on to my eyes, approximately 4 book covers had become stained with blood.These books will not be refundable.

「Well. Don’t worry about it.  From the start, I had bought them all. 」
「Speaking of which, I have only 2 skills left that I am able to memorize?」
「Ahh, it’s due to you being left with 2 slots.」

Due to this, possessing numerous books becomes completely pointless.
That can’t be helped.

「Ng. Won’t Izuna read the skill books?」

In that case, instead of me, why not have Izuna memorize the skills, Kazuya said. However,

「I won’t read it. Although I am able to.」
「Hmm? What do you mean?」
「Ahh. My way of explaining is bad. The effects of a skill book is limited to only humans. Even if『Kings』like us read them, we are unable to memorize the skills. Therefore, we will only treat them as reading materials and read them if they are interesting.」
「Hee. Is that so?  Why, though?   」
「Saa, according to the Research King’s research, it seems like during the times where we 「Kings」are not around, they are skills that are made for humans by gods.」「There are even gods in this world huh」
「There are hardly any left in this street anymore… Well, due to that, no matter how much one investigates or researches it, if it is not a human, there won’t be any effects. Therefore, we kings do not read the skill books. 」


How do I say it?. It seems like there is only preferential treatment for humans. The so-called Gods seem to love humans more than Kings.

「How should I put it.. Aren’t Kings humans?」
「Umu, Species/race wise we might be humans. However, our attributes aren’t those of humans.」
「How do I say it, it seems terrible that you are unable to use skills」
No, that isn’t the case. It is true that we are born with our skills, and can only use those skills we are born with. While they may end up evolving* much later, we can’t get skills from an outside source.However, as a replacement, one’s number of slots is several times more than that of a human .」

I see. How many skill slots does Izuna have?

「I have about one thousand five hundred skill slots」
「Even though it seems like a lot, that is the norm for a King」

Although Izuna has talked about it nonchalantly, it’s 500 times as many as mine.


「By the way, what about a human’s average?」
「It’s about 2. Therefore, Kazuya is above average. Yay!」

Uh huh, after hearing about the 500 times, Kazuya is completely not happy at all.

「With this, you are left with 2 skill slots. Quickly choose them!」

As Izuna laughs, she digs up the books at her feet.

「Ahh, I will choose from the books that cannot be returned.」


I wish to use those books that cannot be returned.
I am probably destined for poverty. However, I believe it is more than what I deserve.

「I see. Well, if you are troubled that you may regret your decision later, you can overwrite it. So it’s okay to decide now!」
「Overwriting. Is it possible to overwrite skills multiple times?」
「Umu. No matter how many times you change. In the past, there are people who had changed ten thousand times in one year. However that’s coming from the words of other king’s retainers.」
「There is no risk?」

Kazuya understands that the skillbooks are only good for a single use and that it causes a burdened head.

The instant he used the skill book and memorized the skill, within the depths of his head, Kazuya felt something uncomfortably stretching out. The bad feelings disappeared after a few minutes but Kazuya is certain that he felt something uncomfortable.

Won’t overwriting cause the uncomfortable feeling to arise again?

「It was never investigated so I don’t know. Ahhh. However, I had heard that a person who had overwritten ten thousand times became mad and suddenly passed away. Whether there were abnormalities in the head or that the brain was no longer able to sustain the burden of overwriting this many times, I am not sure about it.」
「… WHAT?!」

It is more dangerous than I thought. Let’s not overwrite skills as much as possible.
One does not know what kind of bad influence it has on oneself.

「A-As of for now, let’s decide carefully.」

There are 4 books stained in blood.

Written on the covers of the books are “Increase in Magic Attack”, “Murder Spell: Abridged Edition” ,“Strong Reflective Barrier” and so on..
There are quite a lot of dangerous words written on those covers. Is there any skill book that is useful for a comfortable pet’s life? As Kazuya became more and more anxious.

「Etto.. What should I do….」

As Kazuya glanced at the last book.
It’s a thick parchment book that has an odd feeling to it.Compared to the other books that were lying around, the cover is really tattered and old.
Despite that, the pages inside are clean.

「It’s really an unbalanced book.」

As I grabbed the book, Izuna tilted her head.

「Mu???. What’s that book?」

Didn’t Izuna buy this?
Despite that, why does she not know about it?

「Show it to me for a bit.」
「Ah, okay.」

After passing the book to Izuna, she gave a curious look and tilted her head.

「Did I buy this book….?」
「Oi Oi Oi, don’t say things like someone who had bought 2 of the same books」「Yeah」

As she coughs, Izuna looked at the front cover of the book and frowned.

「…And. Wow. This is an ancient book, isn’t it? ――I am sorry Kazuya. I’ve brought something that you can’t read.」
「Books that I can’t read? Is the content really that bad?」
「No, It’s not something like that…」
「What the… I can see the words “Limit break”. That got me interested as to what this book contains」


I had a fleeting glance at it and read the words written on the front cover of the book just now.Although I am unsure of the content, if one were to compare it with the other 3 books, it gives off the vibe of something good.

That is what I thought,

Izuna became serious.
Once again, after returning a glance back to the book, she looked at Kazuya again.
And, in a quivering voice, Izuna asked Kazuya.

「Yo-You, by any chance… are about to read this?!」

Isn’t it written normally?

The title is 『The Method of Performing Limit Break. Medium Difficulty.』
The writer’s name is 『Gangureri….』As the words are faded away. Only that could be read.
However, the places where the angular words are written, Kazuya is able to read them.


「Is… that for reading?”」
「Well, based on these『Analytical eyes』, it’s certain that I am able to read it」

After saying that, Izuna rushed and grabbed Kazuya’s shoulders.
Her face is full of delight even though she seems to be leaping over anxiously.

「Kazuya! I am really happy for you!」
「This is the best! Really the best, Kazuya! In this kingdom, there is no one who can read this book. You are the first person!」
「Ehhh.. What are you talking about?」

There is no one who had read this book. And?

「Ahh. I see. This is written in a language called.『  Holy Language Hiera Kozumosu』 . Before we were born, these are the things that the gods had written when they were playing with the world. This is what we had derived from our research of the words.」

「Hmm? If it’s being researched on, won’t you be able to read it as well?」

「That’s impossible. These words have many layers of barriers wrapped around them. Despite having the Quest King who likes to decipher things with Analytical magic, a written character takes about several hundreds of years to decipher. Since it’s that thick, there are some disagreements when combining the texts due to the sheer amount of characters.; The time that needs to be taken to read the book, even tens of thousands of years will not suffice.」

To that extent huh. After thinking about it, what terrible penance for the research king.

「No. According to him, since he is able to kill tens of thousands of years of boredom, he is happy. Th-therefore, in this mixed kingdom, there is no one who has read this book」
「Should I read this?」
「Therefore, I’ve said that this is amazing, Kazuya! It’s really great for you being my pet and my friend!!」

Izuna twirled and did a little “dance”. So she is that happy huh.

「I am really happy.  For us, curiosity towards new things isn’t out of the ordinary.」Well, if that wasn’t the case we wouldn’t be working to stave off our boredom……「Umu, so with that, in that book, just what can I learn from this!?」
「Iya.. I do not know if I must try this from now on… But let’s try it」


For some reason, this made Izuna’s eyes sparkle. It seems like there is not a choice but to readthe book at this point.

There is also a feeling of wanting to raise the expectations. Therefore,


Kazuya opened the book.


――In that moment, the world spun.

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