Smartphone Light Novel Vol.4 Illustration

With us reaching Volume 4 (finally), here is the promised Illustration from LN volume 4, please thanks ooPeaToo , from animesuki community for sharing these illustration with us.

The Illustration starts from Chapter 80 and end with chapter 106. Chapter 107 Mark the start of Volume 5.

The Illustration are arranged per appearance in LN…. hopefully!!


Smartphone LN Volume 4 Cover Smartphone Volume 4 LN Color Page Smartphone Volume 4 Color Page - Eating Breakfest before Desert Accident Smartphone Volume 4 Color Page - Eating Breakfest before Desert Accident Smartphone Volume 4 Color Page - RIN and Paola reporting desert ruins Smartphone Volume 4 Color Page - Overthrowing the Coup'de ta Smartphone Volume 4 Yae and Lindsey before desert Accident Chapter 80 Smartphone Volume 4 - End Destorying Mantra Fureizu Chapter 82 Smartphone Volume 4 - Touya meet Rosetta nosebleed!!? Smartphone Volume 4 - Advenutre guild receptionest Requesting new books from Touya Smartphone Volume 4- Sexy Elise Chapter 90 Smartphone Volume 4 - Meeting Rue Chapter 93 Smartphone Volume 4 - Fighting Demon Lord Chapter 97 Smartphone Volume 4 - Rue help dismantling hunts chapter 99 Smartphone Volume 4 - Chapter 101 you want castle!? Smartphone Volume 4 - Chapter 103 Touya applogies for Lane-san

Smartphone Chapter 106
Smartphone Chapter 107 - Arc 15: Great Forest Sea, Great Snow Mountain
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Thank u always for ur great work…

And thanks to u too, ooPeaToo…


Oh my Yumina <3

Thanks you very much~


Thank you for those illustrations…they are great!


Thanks for uploading the illustrations! ^.^ ^.^ ^.^

Alfha Robby

that pervert and Fujoshi princess from rifurizu empire that create Boy’s Love Novel looks pretty althought its too bad that her personality is rotten unlike her appearance.
“the one who wear glassess”

the fireworks part is included at volume 5’s illustration right.