Demon Lord’s Pet Chapter 21

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The start of the peerless cooking

Level 1 cleaning has been completed.

「How do I say this… That much dust to that extent, has been completely scrapped out.」

「Although I have somewhat received Izuna’s acknowledgement, I am not happy at all. Anyhow this should how it should have been in the first place.」

If one is talking about growthtoadulthood RPG, the whole of level 1 has finally been unlocked. Or something along the lines of clearing the tutorial level.
However, it’s fine. Right now, leaving it aside,
With this, we have finally enter into the main storyline.

「Main storyline? What do you mean?」
「It’s regarding about the meals you munch on.」

In the afternoon. Kazuya and Izuna had lunch together.

However, it’s not what Kazuya had made.

「? It’s the normal side dishes at the chain store?」

Yeah. During the times where Kazuya started cleaning the house till now, there is no time to make his own meals. At any rate, due to cleaning, Kazuya have his hands full. In addition,

「That’s right. Even if I buy the ingredients, I am unable to bring it into the house. Therefore, I am unable to make meals.」
「Umu! There is also the fact that the fridge is packed to the brim with the side dishes that I bought.」

That’s the reason.
Due to Izuna’s personality, any delicious looking food that she sets her eyes on, she will randomly buy them, leading to catastrophic consequences. Therefore, her eating habits has fallen to the same level as before I came.
The 4 devas who are not present right now, likewise eat those food that are full of salt and oil. If I were to use the Analytical Eyes, I will understand them completely. Therefore――

「For starters, Izuna. I believe it’s time to start your education.」
「Education? Hmm? What kind of education?」

Izuna seems to have completely forgotten about them.
Although I had said it like that.

…. I guess it’s fine. Let’s just force her to remember it.
This time, in order to make her completely face reality.

「…. Naa, Izuna. Please take a look at this.」

As Kazuya spoke, he brought out a small thin rectangular board from his bag.
In the middle of the board was a magic stone inserted into it and a meter was installed on 1 side of the board.

The instant she look at that, Izuna widened her eyes.

「Nah?! Th-that….」
「Ahh, It’s a weighing scale.」

Yup, within this house that have literally everything buried in it, for some reasons, this weighing machine is something that was missing.
Kazuya had bought it and place in on the floor saying.

「Won’t you try stepping on it?」
「N-No! Wh-why is there such a fiendish product in this house?!」
「I had bought it.」

Kazuya smiled while moving forward.

「E-even if I do not step on such a thing, I can just ask you about my weight using your skill…」
「Stop nitpicking and step on it. Confirm it yourself.」
「Wa.. Wa――」 ( Wait)

I pushed Izuna back and made her stand on the weighing machine on the floor.
With that, the scales precisely move towards to the weight. The number is..


「Waaaaa! You don’t need to talk about it! I can see it!」

The number seems to exceed the average by a considerable amount.
Izuna seems to have been hurt tremdmously. However, I am sorry to say that it is a fact.
Compared to the time I met her the first time, I had felt that to some extent her body and face have expanded.

How should I say, she got fat. Symptoms of hypertension have also surfaced.
「Su-such a … thing…」

「However, at that point of time, I had said it, didn’t I? Due to high blood pressure, control your intake of food with high salt content.」
I had possibly said that as well.
「Snacking between meals is not forbidden, but take care of the amount you eat.」

During meal times, snacks with bread and fried food.
She seems to simply eat literally anything that looks good.

In the middle of the night.

「It can’t beeeee!」

You are overweight by 15 kilos. Well, is this fine staying like this?」

「In an instant, Izuna fell on to her knees and started crying.」
「Uuu.. Kazuya is cr-crue-cruel. You had made me see such a strict reality.」
「If you don’t feel the pain, you will not remember it. I had learnt this time.」
「This pain is a fatal, you know..」
「Even if it hurts a lot, you will not die so it’s okay.」

I must not always pamper her.
Even though my opponent is the demon queen, I must strictly move on from here.

「Therefore, Let’s change the question. Izuna.. WIll you continue this lifestyle and become a fat girl or not? How about it?」
「I did not say that a fat girl is useless you know. However, eating my meals, finding it tasty as well as cutting down on the excess. Or will you continue with this good for nothing meal habits and get fatter than better? There are 2 choices. Saa, which one will you choose?」

Although cold sweat flows down her head while she thinks about it, she did not take long thinking while getting troubled by it.

「I..I will abide.. I want to slim down….」

With that, it’s a promise.
「Let me clear up the dining table and the fridge right now.」

Kazuya threw all the salty food that are lying on the table and the side dishes and sweets lying in the fridge.

「Ahhh.. My secret stash of dragon meat… Oil Cheese.. I was thinking of having it for supper….」
「Do you think I will let you eat such oily food for supper?」
Throwing them away is wasteful, so I will use them for food later. However I will not let her eat them just like that.

「First of all, bear in mind that we are controlling your oil and food intake」
「Fr-From now on?!」
「Didn’t you make a promise just now?」
「If that’s the case, from now on.」

Like this, the start is important.

「So, for a change, I will make lunch, therefore, please wait a while.」
「I- I understand…」

With this, Kazuya’s cooking really starts…

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