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Pet, The preparations of entering the onsen

「Kazuyaaa. How is it? The sensation of using skills.」
「Ahh, even now, I feel like I have obtained something exceptional.」

A day after memorizing the skills.

Kazuya as usual, after finishing the housework, started cleaning the insides of the castle and was surprised at the effectiveness of his skill. Somehow, the corridor that was grey till yesterday is now transparent.

…. Since one can see it clearly, Kazuya understood something.

「This castle is really dirty.」
「Th-therefore, it can’t be helped. If you do not clean it for ten thousand years, it will still end up the same」
「Iya, let’s do it.」

Therefore, right now this has become a huge matter.
Thanks to the analytical eyes, I am able to see everything.

「I am sorry, I am reflecting」
「You are not reflecting at all. I understand you very well.」

During these past few days, I am driving this sense of 『All rubbish into the bin』responsibility into her.
However, after using it, she will leave it be. After opening it, she will not close it.
After getting out of the bath, one would usually wipe dry before walking. However she walked normally as is.
She must still be educated further.

「Muu, isn’t it fine? Kazuya has been looking at me with those narrow eyes intermittently.
「Th-that can’t be helped, right?!」

It’s a fact that as a guy, it can’t be helped.

Considering that one is looking at the bare skin covered by a towel, it can’t be helped even if I literally cried tears of blood.

「… Even if it’s Kazuya, being looked at deliberately is embarrassing.」
「If you are not shy in the first place, of course I would look」

In some way or another, it has become off topic.

「…. Well, for starters, I will clean from start to end. So, as much as possible, try to restrain yourself from dirtying the area again.」
「I will have discretion.」
「Words that you have decided before.. seriously.」

As Kazuya sighed, he went to get rid of the dust.
After doing so, 5 minutes later――,

「Di- Discovery.」

Kazuya reclaimed one of the room’s doors.
On the door made of seemingly thick and heavy wood, there is a huge handle attached to it.
Beside it, there is a plate attached to it, written 『Large Public Bath』.

「There is such a large public bath in this castle huh.」
「Ohh, this bring back memories. Certainly, I have a feeling that I had used it before 8 thousand years back.」
「You remember such old memories really well.」
「Umu, together with Mary and the rest of the 4 devas, we usually argue while entering the place. The area will always be damaged leading to us being scolded by our retainers.」
What a bad way of remembering it. But well, it’s a fact that having memories with your friends is splendid.
I do not have it myself.

「… In any case, I will check the interiors and clean up, I guess.」

For now, sweeping takes the first priority. As I thought so, my analytical eyes activated.
With that, Kazuya planned to ascertain the current state of the room. However,

「Why is it fuzzy? What’s this?」
「Ahhh, It’s because it’s the onsen. There are peeping tom barriers in place, you know.」
「Uooh… You are too surprised, Kazuya. It’s a matter of course. It’s a must. If not, it will be a buffet for peeping toms via magic.」

Certainly, certainly that’s a fact. However, isn’t it fine not to construct such that clairvoyance magics will be completely blocked. Such a waste for male wizards.

「I don’t know anything about that. Tell that to the city planner.」
「Noooo. The feelings of dreams being shattered before executing them.」
Although Kazuya has waited with great pains for this moment, with such a letdown, he opened the door.
As he enters the room, he saw something.

「Well… there is the presence of water in here, therefore it exists.」

Within the depths of the onsen is probably the changing room.
And there is a huge green Mould Ball just right there.
Automatically, Kazuya brought out a knife, and with that, Izuna armed herself as well.

「Umu, Kazuya has already gotten used to it. Although, previously you were flustered.」「I did not get used to it. Although I am surprised, I am tired of it.」

I already have the feelings of “Just Screw it.”

These green Mould Balls, no matter how many times I encounter them, they always have those cruel eyes on them.

「It is great for you to be able to deal with it calmly.」
「Ahh.. Seriously…?!」
「As Kazuya dealt with the incident calmly, he noticed something.
「…. Say, Izuna. Mould Balls are normally green right?」
「Umu, that’s right.」
「Then, why is it that the ones behind this one are black, red and blue?」

Yeah. In the direction of the large public bath, there are black, red and blue ones.
If the yellow one is included as well, a certain squadron naturally comes into mind.
But seriously, this is not a joking matter.

「Th-this is really not a joke, Kazuya….!」
And Izuna’s face paled and shuddered.
「That… is a mutated species.」

Kazuya thought that certainly, only water moulds, black mould and blue mould will be developed.
No, even so, this is extremely detestable. The room is filled with the odour of the mould.

「Based on that recognition, there is no mistake…. However, it is unmistakably ferocious. Those kinds of mold have virus. In truth, I have colleagues who were killed by them…」
「They are coming!」

In an instant, the black, red and blue mould ball rush over here with frightening speed.


No, certainly, using it’s body as a spray, it attacked.
That seems to be poison.
The mould’s body which got dispersed fell onto both Kazuya and Izuna.


Kazuta immediately covered his mouth. However the mould did not mind it and rushed over.
Just like that, it enveloped both of them.

「Noooo…?! This is bad… really bad…」

The first to fall was Izuna.
She fell down and started shivering.
Paralysis poison and Magical Nerve poison seems to be mixed in it….」

「What a dangerous mould this is!?」
「Therefore… I had said that, you must have the will to kill it…」

Izuna who fell down, was convulsing as she tried to speak.

「A-are you not able to teleport out?!」
「It’s impossible…. Until the nerve poison is removed, using magic is…..」
「What is this… Buaaa?!」
「The moulds once again attacked us.」

I felt a rough feeling enveloping all over my body.
Seriously speaking, the feeling feels really bad. Just now, I had the feeling of wanting to enter the onsen.
Having to meet such a sight at the onsen, is really the worst.
…. In addition, Izuna is currently paralysed and had fallen. As for me….

Thinking till that point, Kazuya realized.

「….. Are? I am fine.」
「Un. erm…」

Kazuya as he was being discomforted by the mould wrapping around him, swapped the knife into the medicine which kills the mold.
And thereafter *wiped* it.

Minutes later, everything reached a conclusion.
The moulds have been completely eradicated from the public onsen.

――Izuna took about 10 minutes to recover.
Izuna who was affected by the paralysis and nerve poison, looked at Kazuya with a very surprised look.

「…. Say, by any chance, you have a special ability against mold?」
「What a subtle disgusting effect.. Am I an antibacterial spray?」
「No… You see.. It’s a poison that even a demon queen like me is unable to resist…. If you are a normal human being, just receiving that, you will die.」

Please do not say such scary things.
With that, I understood the strength of the Mould Balls in this world.

「It’s because it’s strong, that’s why I am here to protect you. However this time round, I had made a blunder…. Hmm?」
「What’s wrong, Izuna?」
「…. Please wait for a moment. Your ability stats have become weird.」
「Ability stats?」
「Ahh. Please try coming over here.」

And I was called to the front of the mirror in the changing room.
Using the mirror that has been clean of molds, I gazed at the numbers on my chest.

Obino Kazuya Level.0
Strength   400
Defence  370
Agility   120
Magic Power   15
Resistance  10000

「Eh? What is this?」
「The numerical values of resistance has become weird.」
Isn’t there something wrong with it?」
「Remember what I said before, that the limit of ability score is till 9999?」
「A..Ahhh. Yeah.
「If that’s the case, why did it become five digits?」
「I- I wonder why. I too do not understand.」
In the first place, isn’t the so-called resistance something like immunisation?
「I-is that so? Resistance is something that makes it less prone to injuries and getting tired. In addition, one is able to resist abnormal status and diseases. Therefore, it is something that is more important than protection during the battle with the moulds. However…」
「If one have just that, the poison that can even fall a demon queen can be resisted. Which means…」
「U-Umu. Even if the humans die and get resurrected, I should have not said that much…」
「I have never memorize such a magical way of tempering one’s body」

Usually, I only do housework and memorize skills normally.
During the times I memorize the skills, blood has been shed and I was being drowned as well.

「If it’s till that extent, I am afraid that no matter what you do, you will never get sick.」
「…. No matter what I do?」
「Ahh. Things such as swallowing mold or being covered in dust. I would not even worry about them one bit.」

I will never do such things. Ahh it’s really a cool ability.. Although it is such as cool ability..

「…. Wait a moment. Izuna. I only want to carry on my easy-going pet life as before?… So how is this ability useful to me?」

That, I have no idea.

「Er-Erhm… Something along the lines of you being able to play cards throughout the night with me?」

I had done that already. After doing that for 5 nights, it has already become too much so we stopped.

「We-well, no matter what skills is it, there are many ways to use it.」
「For some reason, I felt that I am being consoled….」

I fell down to my knees involuntarily. What is it truly, this skill?!
Do you want me to be an anti-mold warrior? (Frost note: Tai tabi senshi lol)

「Nonono, you have become strong for my sake. I am really really happy, Un!」
「Na, dont cry Kazuya! It is your first tears ever since you have come to this world. Is it too much?!」

As Izuna says such a thing, she caressed my head
Aa, I understand that much.
But, with this kindness, to the non existent use of my skill, there was no choice but to cry.
This means that it is a skill that makes you able to live anywhere. Depending on the conditions it’s really strong, whether it is pleasant or not depends on the person in question.

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