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Chapter 95. Former Hero・being made fun

200m ahead.
Laurier and Sharon is there inside the forest.
Along with those two girls, there is another sign.
When the other participants are starting to land on the rear, it’s noticeable that these two people are not participants.
They are most likely the adventurers prepared by the organizer.

I stop my feet and put Kagura-san down.

[Are? Why are we on this place?]

Kagura-san raised a question after being put down in the forest all of a sudden.

[Laurier and Sharon are up ahead in a place 200m from here.
I’ll go there by myself from here from here on out. I need to take back my number from them, so Kagura-san can stay here for awhile.]

[Eh…? Is that so?
Haru-kun is so awesome to know something like this ahead of time.]

Even though Kagura-san squint her eyes to look ahead, she is unable to see the appearances of the two people towards the direction I am pointing at because they are being obstructed by the trees in the forest.

[Also, here. Kagura-san can have this.]

After I said that, I took out three numbers from the pocket of my swim wear and handed them to Kagura-san.

For the meantime, there are no signs of other persons in the surrounding area.
There are few people scattered in the separated places from here, and they are most likely the adventurers from the organizer side. There is no one moving to our location.

Is Celes and Tanya already giving up? For safe keeping, I gave the numbers to Kagura-san if they are coming to pursue us.

[…Haru-kun, is somewhat very serious, right?]
[Eh? Yeah… Well, I am]

Certainly I am serious right now. Honestly.

Sharon and Laurier. it’s not an exaggeration that both of them are the two strongest members in my party.

For some reason, Sharon is growing-up tremendously fast. There is no mistake that she is already have potential from the beginning as for her though.

In addition, these two girls are in a good relationship. They also have a cooperation attack utilizing two people.
Both of them are different from the Celes and Tanya’s pair.

We can’t use magic attack. There is no weapon too.
Therefore, it’s necessary to defeat them with pure physical strength.
It’s related with my dignity, so I cannot help to focusing my mind.

To think that this game become a serious playing one in somewhere unexpected.

[Fumu… Showing that serious face, Haru-kun is so cool.]

When I was looking at the decisive battle in the near future, Kagura-san said something that I can’t ignored with.


Just now, what do you say

Nope Nope, there is no need to say it again.
My ear is firmly listening on it.

Do I look cool?

Did the lady say it a moment ago?
I am so cool!

Iyaa, I did it.


Kagura-san, why are you making a somewhat regretful face?

Hora, you can see my cool appearance. Are you now falling in love?


Ah, this is not good.

Even I understand it.
Right now, I am making a foolish expression.

Kagura-san eyes are showing a regretful expression..

[Go… Gohon] (TL Note: Cough)

I cough naturally. Next time I’ll change that feeling.

[Anyway. Kagura-san, please retreat back.
Even if by chance you lose sight of me, I’ll come looking for you at that time, so don’t move from this place.]

[Eto… Un, I understand.]

After I told Kagura-san our strategy, I finally directed my foot to Sharon’s party.
I then run straight to the forest while avoiding the trees.
Let’s think about the strategy before reaching that place.

First, this is gonna be disadvantageous for me.
It’s because, my number has already been deprived by Sharon’s party.

I have confirmed with Kagura-san on the way here. The number of the participants in this race consists of two points.
The number from the adventurer prepared from the organizer is one point.
My number is also two points. Then, I need to collect in total 10 points.

A while ago, I have confirmed their location by using search while touching Tanya’s body. Sharon has made contact with two adventurers.

And now, they have made contact with two other adventurers.
It means, four points from 4 adventurers, and 6 points from their participant numbers.
Since they have completed the 10 point requirement, they just need to aim at the goal now.

In other words, they can avoid and run away from me.

I will definitely won’t let them go.
Therefore, I will secure the numbers first with a swift attack.

If I need to decided who should I aim for, it must be Sharon.

Even if I have said that Sharon is still growing up, Laurier can’t be compared to her on the other hand.

By crossing with each other, everything will be decided in an instant like Celes.

When I am thinking of that idea, a shadow is there moving forward.

First is Sharon…!

When I was thinking about it, I arrived at the place where I can see the shadow. Then, I’m stunned with what I have seen.

There is a girl with blue hair inside the forest in a little open space. Laurier is standing in fron t of me.
Next to her is a girl with red hair that I haven’t seen before.
Instead, three middle-aged men with blue face were there rolling near her.

[You came, Haruto]

I was puzzled with what I seen. Laurier folded her arm and raised her voice.

Why is Sharon not here?

While I’m standing and thinking about this situation, Laurier calls out to me.

[Hahahaha! To be able catching-up!
Putting Sharon aside, I have defeated the other adventurers this time. We’re now able to gather 10 points.]

Laurier is looking down on me even if she’s shorter than me. Moreover, she’s skillfully sending a glance here.

I have understood why Sharon is not here.
It means….that’s it, right?

… I see, I was already done for.

[When I have thought that you two are moving together, it’s actually you and that middle-aged adventurer. Meanwhile, Sharon exchanged places with the adventurer that you knocked down… Is it like that?]

I can only consider that assumption, so I confirmed it.

[Umu. You were able to predict it well… As expected. That’s correct!
Haruto, I know about your magic that can grasp the geographical area.
However, I know that it’s not accurate enough to be able to know who the individual is.]

Stop your accent that is emphasizing [Dake].

Even though I don’t remember explaining to to them about my search magic, they seemed to have guessed it apparantly.
Oh well. I’m not particularly hiding it and it’s not something wonderful either.

It’s certainly as what Laurier have said. The magic search can’t specify a specific individual.
The main point is, it can only detect to the extent if there’s a person or if there’s fighting.

If I put all of my power to the magic, I can narrow down the range but there is nothing that can be done either when it comes to specifying an individual. However, I haven’t tried that much here this time.
On top of that, the place we are in is a forest with a lot of trees, so I guess the fact that I only had a rough understanding of. their location has come back to bite me at the back.

While I hear Laurier’s explanation, I use Search magic on the surrounding area.
Where is Sharon?

There is Kagura-san on the rear side.
There is no one near.

I also doubt Sharon is going to attack Kagura-san since there’s no need for her to deprive our numbers.

Then, there is a fellow separated a bit from our location who is moving at an excellent speed.

That fellow, eh?
She must be Sharon.

Should I head right to Sharon?
No, Laurer is here. That might also be a fake.
It means Laurier has Sharon and my numbers and Sharon might be a decoy.
Moreover, Kagura-san will be coming here if I maker her wait any longer.
Now, Kagura-san is the one who possesses our numbers.

If I head to Sharon and ignore Laurier, the numbers Kagura have might be deprived by Laurier.

Ah, damn.
The events after coming to this island became unfavorable for us.

[No, wait a second.
If you were here, then Sharon can’t reach the goal by herself, right?
Is this not a race that require two people?]

I asked a question suddenly.

Is it so.
If the other pair is here, then Sharon might have to return here is Laurier is secured.

Laurier only sighs a breath towards my question.

Eh? W, what is it?
Were you injured to exhale such sigh like that?

[As Sharon was saying,
You are not checking the rules of this race, are you?
Stupid! It’s not problem to reach the goal by yourself or with your pair.]

Wh, what?!
Laurier announced a single word of truth.

[Good grief… Even a fool like me reads the rules.]

Don’t tell me, I was being called a fool by Laurier…

No, I have started without reading the rule of this island properly by myself nor have I tried to confirm it. It certainly is my lack of confirmation.

Let’s reflect on it.
I have sworn to work harder on learning the language more.

However, I have placed that aside since there is something more important that needs to be done.

I recalled various things earlier too. There is something that I must do.

First of all, Laurier must be knocked down.
After that, I need to do a physical confirmation on Laurier and confirm if the numbers are being concealed or not.
In the end, I need to catch-up with Sharon and take back the numbers if she possesses those like the previous remarks.

This is so intense.
There is no time.

[I understand the situation. I don’t have a lot of time.
Laurier, I feel bad about it, but allow me to land a swift attack.]

[Fuh. Knocking me down won’t be easy to do Haruto.
Rather… I won’t be defeated]

Laurier shows a serious flame in her eyes.

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