Takami no Kago 77

Among the heroines, I like Zir’s most…
Zir… ;-;

Translation: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Darknari

Chapter 77

“This is, amazing.” (Frank)

There are 20 goblins lining up politely, Frank shows a similar reaction to Sai.

“This is like commanding an army as a Lord.” (Frank)

The leadership ability which was trained by baseball. Though I didn’t say it, but to me his assessment was generally favorable.
During these several days, there is something that I intensively train.

“There is no question regarding their abilities.” (Frank)

As a test, I showed those who called themselves adventurers attacking them but they were all rendered powerless without being killed.
We must not kill people in the town as much as possible.
Of course, if there are people attacking the escorts, then they can be killed without hesitation.

“Frank-san, these people are detestable.” (Hibiki)

“Well, sorry about that. The attacking adventurers just now gathered to be escorts and they said they wanted to see their abilities first.” (Frank)

From the adventurer’s view, if the number of people for the escort increases, then the profits will decrease. If that’s true, removing us due to the lack of ability is a good reason.
That was probably the main idea.
As for Frank, he should have been able to employ a stronger escort.
Even if the Goblin Corps were being defeated here, there are few things to lose.
As expected, those guild branch heads are not relaxing their guards.

“Well then, I’ll be in your hands on that day, Hibiki.” (Frank)

After saying that, Frank returned back to the Alchemist guild.
Today’s purpose is to make a debut, I can say it ended well.

“I was able to make an appeal to our guest, keep it up with this condition, Sai.” (Hibiki)

“Aye, these guys are already excellent so my job will most likely be on negotiation.” (Sai)

Sai is using an artificial arm. Several days ago, as the replacement for his broken iron sword, there is a new magic sword at his waist now.

Magic Sword +5

Effect: 【Grant Attribute】
An attribute can be temporarily given to the sword.

That sword uses the nature of the magic stone which can store and use magic.
I may charge it with my favorite magic, and if it’s empty it can absorb the opponent’s magic, there are many ways that it can be used.
It’s the weapon that Thill-san made. (Darknari: Welburg Blacksmith)
With Sai who can use anything skillfully, I’m sure he will handle it well.

“You are leader of this force. Be more confident.” (Hibiki)

“No, I don’t have any anxiety. With this army, as long as the request is not great, I’m sure it can be accomplished safely.” (Sai)

Sai seems to be troubled with this pleasant work.
When your sense in life is by default in hard mode, you are most likely unable to settle down if the difficulty is too easy.
What a difficult fellow.

“It’s alright, if it’s you.” (Hibiki)

“Y-you’re right!! Alright, shall we return and train with these fellow?” (Sai)

Sai took the goblins and returned to the village.
I join-up with Ayla’s group who are shopping in town and then I head towards the adventurer guild.

“Oh, [Annihilation], there is a guest for you.” (Stew)

“Again?” (Hibiki)

“This is getting more suspicious. This time it’s a real beautiful girl.” (Stew)

The Stew uncle brought the woman who had waited for me at once.
I see, she really is beautiful. She looked similar to a certain dragon which I got acquainted with somehow.

“Yaa, Hibiki, it’s been awhile. Since I have settled down, I came to play.” (Selva)

The scorching dragon Selva appears.
I wonder if that’s her fashion when going out, it appears rather casual.

“Selva, you’re really came.” (Hibiki)

“That’s awful, a friend came to play. Please welcome me well.” (Selva)

She brought a souvenir, [I went to the Labyrinth cookies] were given to me.

“Went to, eh? Isn’t this from your own house?” (Hibiki)

“But, Ayla said [It’s unacceptable to call on a friend if you don’t bring anything], that’s why, I bought it at the shop in the entrance.” (Selva)

“Is that so, well, thank you.” (Hibiki)

“You’re welcome~” (Selva)

“Then, what do you want?” (Hibiki)

“Haa, you’re really cold towards me…. Actually, I have been investigating the cause on why the church is so noisy recently, it’s because the evil god religion is making movements.” (Selva)

“Church? What is the relation between you and the church?” (Hibiki)

“That way of speaking is heartless, I heard of the talk within the church because I am a Scorching Dragon. Well, everything can be heard from Airi.” (Selva) (Darknari: I believe this is her pet name for Irene, her caretaker)

The connection between the Scorching Dragon and The Church. The Scorching Dragons are being worshipped by the church as [God’s Messengers].
That’s the reason why the church’s outfit is red.
The Scorching Dragon as [God’s Messenger], even she doesn’t understand it either.
However, since humans already worshipped them as [God’s Messengers], the Scorching Dragons leave them as that.

“Therefore, you can get the latest information from the Church?” (Hibiki)

“Yep, there is a temple in my dungeon, it’s a great appeal from the Church. I leave everything to Airi.” (Selva)

“Dear oh dear”, said Selva who shook her head. I think it’s pitiful for the fellows who worshipped her.

“Master, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.” (Ayla)

When I was speaking with Selva, Ayla’s group finished shopping.
Ruby is carrying all the luggages. All the members are empty-handed.

“Hm? It’s unusual for Zir to join too.” (Hibiki)

Shopping at times like this, Zir always goes by herself.
After pleading to me for pocket money, she spends everything on shopping which has already become her usual pattern.
They appeared with enough food that they can’t hold it with both hands from the shopping earlier, but she doesn’t have anything today.
She seems to be somehow absent-minded, since she didn’t notice I was talking to her.

“Zir?” (Hibiki)

When I talked and put my hand on her shoulder, finally Zir gave me a response.

“W-what!?” (Zir)

“What’s the matter?” (Hibiki)

“W-what doth thou mean?” (Zir)

Apparently, there is something that is hard for her to say.

“Zir.” (Hibiki)

“What? So persistent.” (Zir)

“Are you alright?” (Hibiki)

I don’t want to pursue any further. But, I want to confirm if Zir is not pushing herself.

“…Master is so gentle.” (Zir)

“Zir?” (Hibiki)

“I am quite alright, I wilt not cause thou any ado.” (Zir)

Although it’s different from what I wanted to her, since Zir is already showing determination and there must be a reason why she doesn’t want to talk, I’ll leave it as that.
Afterwards I invited Selva to the village, more shopping was done for her.

“Amy, can you come here for a second?” (Hibiki)

“Yes? What is it?” (Amy)

I talked to Amy while walking. I want to hear about Zir’s appearance during the shopping earlier.

“It’s like usual. We separated in town and then joined together before going to the guild, since she looked like that I tried asking what happened.” (Amy)

It’s nothing. That’s her answer.
I wonder if something happened when she was alone.

“Amy, I have a request.” (Hibiki)

“Leave it to me.” (Amy)

She gave me a reply before hearing the full story.
Let’s just be prepared before something happens.

We returned to the village, everyone is being told to make a welcome party for Selva, the preparations are immediately started.
The goblins eat in the plaza, so for this time we’re also having the meal together.
The members who saw Selva for the first time…

“Uwaa–, she really is beautiful girl.” (Latia)

“Beautiful onee-chan!” (Yakuu)

“Sco-scorching Dragon-sama!? I-I must pray.” (Frey)

Since I am introducing her as Scorching Dragon Selva, everyone knows that she is a dragon.
Unexpectedly, Frey was a vivid believer so she went to kneel down to Selva and offer a silent prayer while bowing her head.

Is it alright even though Latia is a half-demon?

“Latia is my friend. Religion and friendship are unrelated.” (Selva)

That’s a really flexible way of thinking.

We introduce ourselves to each other, and then begin eating.

“I had yearned a little to eat a meal at a friend’s house.” (Selva)

Selva began to speak delightfully.

“Don’t think that there will be a welcome party every time. Next time I’ll have you help to cook some food.” (Hibiki)

“Sure, I’ll be happy for that.” (Selva)

“Se-selva-sama, is it alright for us to talk with you?” (Frey)

“Sure, I’ll go there~” (Selva)

Selve went to Frey’s group while waving at me.

“Yond dragon is very much a joyous fellow.” (Zir)

“She totally is.” (Hibiki)

Zir approaches me while drinking the sake in her hand. She seems to have gotten back to normal.

“Thither art many strange fellows ‘round Master.” (Zir)

“You are one of them, aren’t you?” (Hibiki)

“Kufufu, I am aware of this myself.” (Zir)

I felt relieved when I saw Zir laughing.

Zir invited me to the bedroom after taking a quick meal.
There are no obstructions from Ayla nor Amy, because both of them are still eating.

“Those two girls are gonna be angry later.” (Hibiki)

I didn’t plan to stop even though I said that.
She pulls off her clothes and lies on the bed.

“Come, mine dear Master, prithee love me.” (Zir)

I also take off my clothes, and cover Zir on the bed.

“Kufufu, Master~♪” (Zir)

Tonight, Zir is very spoiled.
She bit my neck many times, and I return back with biting Zir’s weak points.

“Ukyan!? M-master, that place.” (Zir)

We interlocked our bodies with each other’s, there are several bite marks on our bodies.

“Tomorrow, Ayla and the other girls are gonna be angry for sure.” (Hibiki)

Zir laughs happily.

“With this, already…” (Zir)

I felt that there were tears shining in her eyes.

In the morning, the appearance of Zir was not there when I woke up.

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