Tran Sexual Online Chapter 22

022 グラーティア/Gratia

Hi Guys, TSO is revived. I am posting on behalf of Wolfskid. Please welcome him.

The sun had begun to set by the time I had left Merrill’s clothing store. Despite arriving around noon, I had completely lost track of time.

Ah, at least I could buy the clothes for my uniform. My choice was something resembling a maid outfit, but… no, these are fine. Yes.

Being TS is hard. I can’t do these things in real life. I really should enjoy my time as a woman. Be it a gothic loli, or a maid, by all means, bring it! I’ll do it with a bang!

「What’s wrong? Why are you clenching your fists so tightly? 」

「Well, no. I guess I’m enthusiastic? 」

Mira was giggling and laughing next to me.

Since things like interior design aren’t yet set, we head towards 『My Shop』. I have to visualize things myself to make my decision.

It’s a 10 minute walk from Merrill’s, and is actually near Mira’s shop. It’s reassuring that I can consult her when I have troubles.

「Here you are. We arrived.」

The storefront is empty, without even a signboard. Through the window, you can see the inside is also empty. Nill, Null, like nothing at all. From here, I can start from scratch.

「I remember the time when I opened my shop for the very first time, somehow.」


「Yes. My parents gave me that shop.」

「Oh is that so…」

「Yes. It was only a branch store, the headquarters was in our hometown.」

「So, it’s a family business?」

「Thats right.」

That‘s how it is. Something like running a family business seems to quite cool. Ms. Mira and Ray seem to get along well, are they related? Or, should I say: The good relationship they have, is it that kind of relationship?

I wonder what she says, Ms. Mira and Ray get along well, are they related?
How should I say it… the good relationship between Mira san and Ray. Do they have that sort of relationship? They must have a deep bond since they’ve helped each other as only a family would.

If only I had that kind of relationship with someone as well.

「Now, Haru-chan, do you have an idea for your shop?」

「Oh, well… that’s right. I think something cute would be nice, Something that looks like a forest? Something soothing……」

「Oh my, cute and fresh, not bad. I think that fits Haru-chan perfectly.」

「Really? I am glad.」

That’s something I’m happy to hear from a professional. With such a swift assessment like that, I don’t feel the need to hesitate, and can complete this quickly.

I am saved.

Later, I’ll have to learn more about customer service. I don’t have any part time experience, but that’s natural since I’m only a Middle School student.

「I should do the interior first, right? Who should I ask」

I wonder if there is an interior designer.

Well, I can trust Mira’s introductions. Although Merril was strange, she was a nice person.

「Hey, Haru-chan. Do you still have some time?」

「Oh, yes. I have some time yet.」

「Well, I have one more thing for you」


Mira gives me a cute wink and guides me around. Today was a day for meeting random people.

I was guided to a small house in the outskirts, about an hour’s walk from 『My Shop』. Around the house, there was tons of lumber sorted about.

「Luis. Luis, are you here?」

So here the one living here must be Luis? I wonder what kind of person they are? I feel a bit excited for some reason.

After some noises from behind the front door, it opened, and someone presented their face. They had extremely beautiful ocean blue hair. Peeking behind glasses stunning indigo eyes peer at us.

「It has been a while, Luis. I’m happy that you’re at home.」

「I just arrived today. I am glad to see you Mira」

Saying that they hug and kiss lightly.

Wha, waa.. what!!

It’s my first time seeing something like this! A scene where people kiss!!! Ooooh, calm down. Sometimes foreigners do that. It’s a custom that shy Japanese people aren’t used to, but this is a norm of this world.


「Haru-chan, let me introduce you. This is Luis Legerant. He is my fiancé and childhood friend」

「Hello, nice to meet you.」

「N… nice to meet you too! I’m Haru!」

As I thought her lover…… I mean her fiancé. Both are so beautiful, a perfect fit for each other.

As I expect, next to a beautiful woman, there is always a beautiful man. Yeah. That’s the way it is.

「So, how can I help you today?」

「Haru-chan here just opened her own shop. So, we have a request for Luis.」

「If that’s the case. Please, leave it to me.」

「Is that really ok?」

「Yes, I can’t refuse a request from Mira, nor from such a cute looking child, it would be impossible to not listen」

A handsome man… No, such words do not serve this young man justice. His face, his kindness and his character. Mira is with a very, very good man. Seriously.

「By the way, what the name of the shop?」


「Hey, you have to make a sign or something, don’t you? With your shop name」

「Ah, that’s right. Ehm, well……」

Actually, I had decided that a long time ago. When you are opening a shop you have to name it.

「『Gratia』, I’ll name it.」


I found it, by chance, in a dictionary.


I want to thank those who take care of me and visit my shop.

「Isn’t that a nice name. You’re starting tomorrow then? Do you have an idea for your shop, as well?」

「Um, a forest-ish feeling, a natural atmosphere would be nice」

「Understood. Well then, tomorrow I’ll come by your shop. Where is the place?」

「Err…… Near Mira-san’s shop…… The address is…… I wonder what it was.」

「Fufu… Come to my shop first tomorrow. I will lead you.」

「Well then, please do.」

Those two, with their gentle smile, looked almost picturesque. Tomorrow, early in the morning I will bake a cake for those two to eat.

I want to open the shop soon. I will encounter a lot more other players as well then.

I’m looking forward to it!

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