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When sent, Francesca silently accepted the party request.

A White Dragon.

I am unfamiliar with this world, but is that a special creature?

It’s appearance is not dissimilar from the Ice Dragon I fought before. Four thick legs, strong enough to decimate anything in their way, and a set of wings extending from it’s back. A body bound in muscles like armor, and scales as strong as steel protecting it. The difference lied with it’s head, two horns protruding side by side.

As it’s name implies, it’s body is an elegant pure white. It gives the impression of a blanket of untouched snow.

Recovering from the damage taken in my magic attack, the dragon lowers it’s head and looks at me, examining. The way it narrows its eyes and stares at me is reminiscent of how a human would.

Almost feels as if human, huh…

Should I give it a shot?


Fran stood startled next to me, and looked around herself for Ilya. Of course, Ilya was nowhere around.

―― Then, just for a moment, the white dragon takes a glance similarly.

I see… Sirius, huh?

“Hey. Could you please retreat?”


Francesca looks at me in bewilderment, while I start talking to the white dragon. I give her a faint smile and signal for her to wait. She nods, but it’s clear this is only a tentative agreement.

“If a fight breaks out between us, I’m sure that Ilya won’t be very happy.”

A groaning like sound was made in the back of the white dragon’s fiendish throat. While it seemed troubled…


I jumped back immediately. Only worried about my words for a moment, the dragon swung it’s front legs. It was powerful enough to create imprints on the ground where I stood only moments ago. Francesca also evaded by jumping backwards, and turned to stare at me.

Sorry, sorry, I know, that was dangerous!

“…So in the end this happens anyway.”

“Alice, I respectfully think things are beyond that stage where they can be discussed with words.”

Standing next to me, Francesca rebukes me with the obvious. She draws her rapier, unlike last time, it glints slightly.

“The magic rapier Heart of the Sun. A hard-to-master weapon that heavily influences one’s heart. But, now more than ever…!”

We glance at each other in kind, and she steps forward. Reading to counterattack, the white dragon raises a front leg.


I loose a suppressive spell. It’s as I feared, while utilising my electromagnetic field, I can’t deal significant damage. However, it is enough to paralyze the dragons for a few seconds.

Using the opportunity granted, Francesca dashes in.

“Magic rapier, respond to my heart!”

Magic rapier Heart of the Sun.

Francesca lunged out to attack, rapier drawn. A yellow force field protected the white dragon. It was a troublesome forcefield that no regular attacks could penetrate.

Exactly―― Like Ilya.

Francesca thrusts the magic rapier at the dragon, and it collides with the forcefield.

“Always, always, things just have to be difficult!!”

―― Francesca took another step forward.

Whether due to radiance emanating from within her heart, or something else, the magic rapier responds by shining brighter. Anyone spectating would feel the rush of power.

“Go! Fran!”

“Break through!”

In the end, the forcefield makes a shattering noise like impaled glass, and disintegrates.

Francesca’s magic rapier continues with the momentum from the thrust and pierces deep into the stomach of the white dragon!


The white dragon roars with it’s atrocious voice, and swings its body around in attempt to crush Francesca. As if I would allow that!

Pushing my injuries aside, I circulate magic power through my body and quickly jump in close range of the dragon, to grab Francesca, who was unable to retreat on her own, and jump back while holding onto her. It was a close call. With a frame that large, even size can become a weapon.

It’s size alone can bring destruction to it’s surroundings just by rampaging around.

“How reliable you are, Alice.”

“It seems like most of the people I know don’t stop to think of the consequences before jumping into a situation…” I put some distance between us and the dragon, as I chide Francesca mid-air. As we land I turn to face the dragon. ―― I feel a chill shoot down my spine.

“Wha-!? It plans to fire a round in the middle of this melee!?”


The white dragon took a stance with all of its feet squared on the ground, and it’s horn begins to sparkle and throws arcs as if electrified.

“So it doesn’t matter to you whether it hits friend or foe?! You’ve made me come to despise you!”

Simply put, for those in the crossfire, it isn’t a simple matter of ‘you’ll be fine if you just move out of the way.’ I check behind myself. A small distance away, our knights are still fighting desperately against the enemies.

And beyond them, of course, are the Austrian heavy knights. Beyond even that, there are skirmishes where both sides are vying to break through the area where the dragon rampaged a path, resulting in a jumbled mess.

When I think of the power of an ice dragon breath, this is ――!

“There is no choice, but endure it! Fran, get behind me!!”

“――kh! I trust you!!”

I grasp my caster gloves.

If Francesca has been watching the fight, then she must understand. To use these gloves, the issue is, you must first load them with a magic bullet infused with a spell. And each glove is only loaded with one magic shot. Despite that, there is no choice but to use it at this time!

“Cast release! Icicle Garden!!”

The spell erects a barrier of ice. The white dragon dismissed the barrier as if to say “Why should I care about that,” and unleashed a blast of breath, as a concentrated beam, towards us.


That’s Till’s magic, however, when cast, it consumes my own magic power. To keep the Breath attack at bay, I continue to pour out magic at an enormous rate.

Such power ―― Is it stronger than the ice dragon?!!

“Even with my left hand enchanted, I still can’t smash through it with only Thunder.”

If I used Lightning… what if they could be combined?

If possible, I want to land a direct hit while the dragon isn’t using its breath attack, and it’s forcefield is down. Without that, I have no chance of winning this. Therefore, first――


I imbue more magic power into the ice barrier, with all the willpower I have available. The Shimmering ice magic barely holds off the white beam, and as the power fades from the attack, the ice barrier also melts.

I breathe heavily…

Compared to the held-back advanced-class magic that Eclair used, this one had a stronger effect. I used too much magical power due to that and feel like collapsing.

“Alice――” Francesca spoke to me in a dazed voice from behind, meanwhile I was breathing heavily.

Wondering the source of her concern, I look in front of me again, andーー


“The White Dragon is already preparing to fire second shot.”

“Firing an attack of that level, in succession……”

Defend again?

But how? Icicle garden is gone already. Then can I use my left hand’s Lightning?

In such exhausted state?

If we both fire at each other, can I win?

Even if I did win, if it’s not a fatal blow, wouldn’t the dragon come back with yet another breath attack?

“――Alice, jump and retreat”

Grasping her magic rapier, Francesca pats my shoulder and steps forward. Her calm demeanor is almost out of place, as appears to be smiling somewhat. Her magic rapier is still shining. In other words, her spirit is not yet broken.


I grow angry with myself after seeing Francesca’s resolve.

“Don’t say such foolish things. I’ll show you I can still push back a breath attack of that level.”


I gather the remaining strength in my body, and stand side by side with Francesca.

“Who do you think I am?”

“―― Fufu, that’s right. You’re the one who has inherited the title of ‘strongest’. The silver lightning spirit who grants courage to those around her… and my precious friend.”

I laugh and nod at Francesca’s words.

I’ll convince myself that’s true I don’t have a shred of doubt that I’ll win. As if I would ever retreat from here――!

“O, blade of light that streaks down from the heavens, thou shalt become my swordーー”

I raise my left hand.

In front of me, the white dragon is trying to unleash a deadly Breath attack.

I won’t lose――!

“ And split the darkness ――Cast, Release!!”

The magic bullet loaded into the other caster glove is released. I had previously imbued my own lightning spell. My left hand was enchanted, together with a released magic bullet, the combined magic will be the strongest magic I am capable of utilizing. Such absurdity, I will blow it all away!

―― I’ve extended my hand towards the door that I have not yet reached!

This isn’t even my final form!

This is ―― a mock double cast!!

“――――Chain Lightning!”

Extending both hands, I release the magic――

The breath attack like a beam is released by the white dragon and the silver lightning strike collide with each other. Their clash releases a wave of force that even the furthest away soldiers are nearly blown away.

Both attacks are so powerful that whatever they hit disintegrates, and not even dust is left.

――The balance of power lasted but a few seconds.

The winner of this clash was my trump card. With breath pushed back, lightning struck the white dragon. However, it was blocked by the force field. Again we’re even.

I’m feeling dizzy…!

When my magic power runs out, it seems that stamina is substituted in it’s place. It’s similar to when I continuously use Heal.


If being inherently irrational makes you human, then standing against the irrational also makes you human.

At least, that is what Francesca believes in.

As if I’d yield to the violence that stands against her beliefs!


I strain to control the lightning, draining all of my power into it, and finally smash it through the opponent’s force field――


It strikes, but it had already lost much of it’s power smashing through the force field.

I’ve drained all of my magic power.

I don’t have enough for anything more.



“――I’m not so foolish as to miss such a chance!”

Fran’s Magic Rapier shines brilliantly, enveloped in light, more than it has all day. I can see her courage.

Wrapped in vivid brilliance, she leaps like a pink bullet, thrusting her rapier through the defenseless neck of the white dragon――!


There was no groan, no rampage to be seen―――― The white dragon merely collapsed onto the ground.

Quickly pulling out her rapier, Fran looks over the dragon.

Finally―― it’s fantastical body, wrapped in pale luminance, began to disappear.

As if a mere illusion, to say there was no such creature, it fades to nothing…

――We won?

Both Francesca and I are covered in wounds. Francesca in particular is completely worn out from fighting the White Dragon single handedly for an extended period of time. From doing the impossible, my fragile body is in agony.

Involuntarily, I exchange looks with Francesca. We bitterly smile at each other, and our shambled conditions.

――Breathing out, Francesca raises her magic rapier to the sky.

“The White Dragon has been slain! The Silver Lightning Spirit and I are triumphant! Listen my brave soldiers of Wilmington, Victory is within our grasp!! Rise! Fight back for the future of our country with your own hands!”

With Francesca leading, battle cry of Wilmington’s soldiers echoes through the battlefield――

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