Alice Tale ~ Illustrations ~

Hello, everyone. This is your friendly translator speaking. Since Taniko is a bit occupied, I’m posting it in his stead.

TL: Taniko
TLC: greujnik
Editor: ThePlaneskeeper



Illustrations of Alice, this work’s main character.
It’s a gift I received which had been drawn by the illustrator Raizan-san, a contact from Jiikunsoft-sama.
Equipped Weapon: Caster Gloves
Protective Gear: Improved Leather Robe
It’s very lovely, and captures all the characteristics I described.

More Alice

This is Alice is drawn by Yoiyamidou-san.
The vibe is different here, it also is cute as well.

Christmas Alice

Here is one from Nineth.
Alice in a Christmas costume.

Moar Alice

This is from Kinom.
I’m glad there are many variations of Alice.
(TL note: Sweeeeeeet *.*)


It’s Shion, the older sister.
Continuing with that image of Alice, I received this illustration drawn by Raizan-san rather than Jiikunsoft-sama.
Equipped Weapon: Eastern sword
Equipped Armor: Light plate armor.
This one has been drawn to be very stylized.


Here is Eclair
Drawn by Yoiyamidou-san.

Moar Eclair

This is a different version of the same Eclair.
For details, please see the main story.
A work by Yoiyamidou-san.


Here is Tilbell Ainshura.
She is the strongest in the story.
This is also drawn by Yoiyamidou-san.


This is Illya, drawn by Kinom-sama.
I guess this is the first illustration of Ilya, isn’t it?
I’m happy.

Thank you very much for those who drew illustrations.

Alice Tale ~ Chapter 49 ~ White Dragon

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Is it just me or illustration of Tilbell Ainshura is missing?


Taniko here. It might be issue with your browser. We will change it later.


The original page in the novel site has had a lot of changes going, both adding and deleting.

I have a couple of images that aren’t there anymore, for example.


I like the Yoiyamidou-san’s ones not that the others are bad, though I never read the story.