Return of The Former Hero 102

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Chapter 102.
Former Hero・ Growing-up.

[It’s closed…]

The next day, I go to visit Kagura’s shop after sinking Sharon into the sea on pinning techniques during morning training.
However, the shop’s door remains closed even today.

Moreover, there was the aforementioned Rithina’s proposal the other day, so I had something that I wanted to discuss with her for a bit. Two weeks have passed since the race, but I haven’t met Kagura not even once during the several times that I went to her store.

Why is it closed every time I come?

Both the front door of the shop and the back door of her house are locked. There is also no response even when I when I ring the doorbell.

Don’t tell me, she is not lying collapsed inside or something, right?

“No way” – I thought, but having succumbed to that strange worry, I decide to use a “search” and check the inside of the shop.
I am reluctant to use it to intentionally search inside people house but it can’t be helped. I’m doing this because of a probable off-chance.

I cling to Kagura-san’s house door, and sound out the situation inside.

Umu. There is no noone moving inside.
However, there wouldn’t be any movements if she did collapse by some chance.

I carefully explore whether there is something shaped like a person lying inside.
I can’t let minor stuff being overlooked.


This object lying in the bathroom, what is it?
Size wise, it may look like pantsu.

Good grief, Kagura-san is so worrisome.
If you manage things so sloppy, you won’t even notice that they’re gone, you know?

… No. I’m not going to do anything.

… Eh, no, wait a minute.
This situation where I’m checking up on such things…
… Although I say that I’m worried, it doesn’t seem like there is anyone collapsed inside.

If that’s the case, what about the aforementioned fallen panties?
The surface area seems awfully smooth.
Don’t tell me, it’s the string…

[What are you doing?]

I was surprised.

I was looking Kagura-san’s pants… No, I was worried if something happened to her. While I was looking at the situation inside the house in daze, I didn’t noticed there was someone behind me.

When I look at my back, there is Sharon who is shouldering a big rucksack standing there.

[Sh-sharon… Why are you here?]

[That, I want to heard if from you first…]

I see.

Sharon doesn’t display a suspiciousness, but there is doubt floating on her face.

There is someone who is not entering the shop via windows, or listening to the sounds on the door, but instead standing up in front of the door. That would likely make other people curious. “What is that person doing?” – they would think.
That will make person look suspicious in itself.

[I want to discuss something with Kagura-san and so I’ve come here, but it seems she is not at home]

I explain it to Sharon.
After the race ended, I had visited the shop several times, but I was unable to meet her because it’s always closed.

[? If it’s Kagura, she comes to Kuratou everyday though?]

Having heard my explanation, Sharon says that with puzzled face.

Nn? Is that so?
… Eh? Seriously?
To Kuratou?

The is the first time I hear that Kagura-san comes to Kuratou everyday.
I believe no one’ve said it earlier.

According to Sharon, it seems Kagura has been coming to Kuratou everyday from the time I was busy cleaning due penalty regulation.
It seems that everyone was thinking that I knew about that since I should have been told that one way or another by Rithina. And at nights, it wasn’t the kind of topic to discuss in particular.

Now that I think about it, I never went to the town’s outskirts where Kuratou was located when I was cleaning the town.
No, I did go there once, but there wasn’t anyone in particular over there at that time.
Even if I say that I went there, my timing must have been bad, I guess.

No wait, I didn’t hear anything about it from Rithina in the first place, you know? It’s really the first time I hear about it.
Did she forget to say it? Although Rithina wouldn’t like herself if she did that….

… Oh well.
If it’s true that Kagura-san comes to Kuratou, then I should be able to meet her if I go there.

[Is that so? I didn’t know. Then, I suppose I should go there later.
… By the way, why is Sharon here?]

After my worries have faded away, I ask another question.

[Kagura-san asked me to take some tools from the shop]

While saying that, Sharon shows the key in her right hand.
I see, so she is on errand, right?

[I see. Then I’ll help carrying the luggage]

[Eh? It’s not like I can’t do it… Umm, okay then. Thank you! Haruto!]

Sharon tries to refuse my offer but then she obediently accepts it after seemingly thinking about it for a bit.
This consideration of hers with which she tries to stand up to me nonchalantly, it’s spreading in my heart.

After that, Sharon and I enter Kagura-san’s house and take the tools written in the note and pack them into the rucksack.
Although I cannot read the technical terms yet just like Sharon, there are details along with illustrations being properly specified in the note showing the item’s locations.

If she makes this effort to write such a detailed note, wouldn’t it be faster for Kagura-san to come here herself? Just when I think of it, the tools turn out to be very heavy.
Should Kagura-san carry this luggage, I’m sure she would collapse before distancing even 10m from shop.

Many of the tools written in the note are located in the inner workroom or the store’s front.
There is no reason to check the bathroom.

There is no way I will think that it’s really regrettable.
Right now, there is no way I will be disturbed with the imagination of string panties.
What’s most important is what’s inside.

[Haruto, why do you looks so restless?]

Eh? Am I looking restless? Where? There is no such like that at all, you know?

[Well, I somewhat understand it though]

Sharon glances at me with reproachful eyes and returns back to collecting the tools without minding it much.

What did she mean when she told “I somewhat understand”, I wonder?
Don’t tell me, Sharon shouldn’t know about the thing dropped in the bathroom?

If that’s so, then what did she mean?

Is it that?
That I, the one worthy of being a former hero, is looking into the dressers in other people’s houses, and feel delighted collecting the underwear? Did she mean that?
Good grief, such impoliteness!
Whoever I may be, I will not go that far.
At most, I’ll only be observing you girls underwear when it’s being washed.

…. That’s the most I will do.

Towards Sharon’s cruel assumption, I send a silent protest. While I’m doing that, Sharon seems to have finished collecting the tools which were located nearby.
Then she tries to take the tool placed high on the shelf.

However, is the height perhaps too much her? She is just barely unable to reach. It may be due to this height being the normal arrangement for Kagura-san who is taller than me.

Even though she tries to stand on tiptoes, her fingertips are still unable to reach it.

She may be able to reach it if she jumps, but the tool must be heavy.
Should It fall on her head, it would be dangerous.

[I’ll pick it up. Tell me which one it is]

I stand behind Sharon and extend my hand towards the tool that she has been working hard to take just now.

My back is taller than Sharon’s, but it doesn’t make that much of a difference.
If both of us stand side by side, my line of vision will see Sharon’s head just right.

However, the 10cm difference means everything at times like this.
When Sharon’s height is just barely unable to reach it, mine will be just barely manage to do so.

[Here you go]

I take the hammer-like tool from the shelf and hand it to Sharon.
Kagura-san, you shouldn’t put heavy objects like hammers in high places.

[Ah… T-thank you]

When Sharon receives the hammer-like tool from me, she looks at my face with warm expression unlike her usual energetic self.

Nn? What is it?

[T-then!…. N-next… Please get me that!]

When I am looking her in return, Sharon panics and turns aways her face. Then she directs towards the place of the next tool.

Her face is definitely red.
Hmm.. What?

…. Ah, I see.
This situation, where there is a boy who is taller her, is it Sharon’s weak point?


I see I see. I understand.
So this is Sharon-chan weakness?

At the fifth grade of elementary school, it was a right judgement on my part to always get the leftover milk and drink it.
The milk is great.

Then, I’ll pick it up for her.

Sharon-san. Please enjoy as much as you want.

Afterwards, I kept collecting the tools.
Though I say it like that, the numbers were not that many, so I finished collecting them with no problem.

[Is these all?]

I pass the last tool to Sharon.

[Yes. Thank you! It ended much earlier than I thought it would, thanks to Haruto!]

Sharon replies me with a smile on her whole face.
Although this is not a big deal at all, it feels good when you are thanked.

Sharon and I sit down side by side on the entrance’s floor and give ourselves some rest.
It’s close enough for our shoulders to touch each other, but it’s not an action I took.
It’s Sharon who has come to sit on my right side.
And then, we hold each other fingers entwining them together.


It’s very effective.
The situation where I take the luggage from the high location for Sharon, it’s extremely effective.

Sharon’s hand is soft and pleasant to touch even though she trains to fight everyday.
Her breast shouldn’t even be mentioned, but there is squishy feeling when I touch her body anywhere.

What is this feeling I wonder.
I feel like it wouldn’t be strange for her to be a muscular macho girl should be we on earth, but since that’s not possible, I wonder if that’s a side effect of reinforcing her body strength with magic.

That counts for myself as well; despite how strong I am, I’m not actually that muscular.

Moreover, although I haven’t met them personally yet, I’ve heard that there are those who can control magic power well to stay young in both mind and body and to be alive for time longer than any human could possibly imagine.
If it’s true, magic is amazing. Magic banzai. I’ll following the path of magic-san for my whole life.

However, the information comes from the wizard of my former party, so it can’t be ascertained truly.
“That old man is not an old man” – that’s the tsukkomi that I always did.

Ah… Well, I didn’t really hear him clearly naming his age. I wonder if that old man age passed one thousand years already ?

Well, that’s fine.

When Sharon’s hand is so squishy, I can’t possibly endure it anymore.
But, we need to deliver the tools to Kagura after this, so there is no time left, I guess.

Endure it. This is where I need to endure.
I am not a monkey who is always in heat through all his years.
I always consider the time and location.

[Nee… Haruto?]

[N? W-what?]

As I am still constructing the spirit of steel inside of me, Sharon starts talking timidly to me.

Her face is deeply red when I take quick glance on her. She seems very embarrassed.
Her thighs are also somewhat fidgety moving around…?

[You see… Ka-Kagura-san, I told Kagura-san that I would going to get some meal first after going from here]

Hoo. Meal. Fumu fumu.

[And then… after that… I said that I will need to do something else for a bit… So, umm… ne… We don’t need to hurry]

Sharon who is always cheerful and active is currently bashful as she keeps talking with any of those qualities of hers remaining.

Hee, no need to hurry.
And then, what do you mean by that?

… No, I can already guess what Sharon wants to say. I’ve guessed it. Thanks to you, I’ve guessed it.
However, Sharon right now is so cute, I want to savor it till the last minute.

[Then… so… C-can’t we continue… the morning thing?]

What is “the morning thing”? To continue what?
Has something happened this morning?

I try to recall what happened this morning.
After I got up in the morning, I enjoyed touching Sharon’s bottom while she was still sleeping, is that it?
No, this is different. That’s already finished in the morning.

Ah, I see, maybe it’s that?

During the morning practice, I’ve used pinning techniques on Sharon, thoroughly gropped and knocked her down.

I have been only touching her, and it’s seems connected on the situation we are in right now.


I have known Sharon for a long time. Last night, this morning, and right now, she seems not satisfied yet.
She has been considerably corrupted by me. I think it’s really wonderful.

I see, I understand.
Besides, when there is girl looking up to me with a bashful expression and asking [Can’t we?], her real intention doesn’t matter. There is only one answer I will give.

I pull Sharon’s hand and hold her body close to my chest.



It’s amazing even if I say it by myself,.

Before, I thought of myself as the hero from Ero-doujin. I thought I can pull through this much.
After I was partner to Sharon and Laurier, I then added the third person, Mina, to challenge my limit.

However, look at me today.

Last night, after working hard on physical education during Rithina’s class, I kept company to five people. This morning, I’ve also made it with Mina and Sharon.
And now, I’ve made some comfortable sweat with Sharon.

Awesome. I am just awesome,.
Furthermore, since I’m somewhat subconsciously strengthening my functions in some aspects, I guess it’s a sort of stunt to try to do.
It seems I am still able to grow more…?!
If it’s with everyone, then I should be able to become even stronger!

Humans are always trying to adapt to their environment after all.

[Sharon, are you alright? Can you stand?]

I reach out to Sharon who is still sitting on the floor.

[U, un. I’m alright. But Haruto, you’ve been a little too intense…]

Sharon takes my hand and tries stands up as she staggers.
She is voicing some protest from her mouth, but her expression is that of a full satisfaction. I am greatly pleased with that.

[We have been sweating so let’s borrow the bathroom for a moment]

[Un, yes]

Just now, I’ve just casually proposed it, but will we go to the bathroom?

This is not good.
Despite that I have gotten the good atmosphere with Sharon in great effort, if we go to the washroom now, what will I do after she sees Kagura-san’s panties?

I feel that there won’t be any problems at all, but it is certainly not good.

That’s why, I enter the washroom first so I can recover that object before Sharon sees it.
Yes, I think that it’s a way which can’t go wrong.

Needless to say that after I collect the thong and confirm the shape before Sharon finishes her preparations, I return it properly.
I will not steal. I won’t.

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