Demon Lord’s Pet Chapter 23

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The (So-Called) World’s First Cooking

After returning to Izuna’s house, Kazuya was given a street map from her.

“Although I have been here for several days, this is the first time I’ve learned about the geography of the area.”

“Eh? Is that so? I thought I had guided you around this district?”

“You’ve only guided me to the places where we usually go.”

I’ve been living here in this district which I know nothing except those places we’ve been. However, today, there is something I needed to know. To that end, I spread out the map and look at it.

“It’s huge…”

A mixture of kingdoms is drawn on the map in a circular formation. The legend denotes dozens of blocks segmented off into districts. It’s obvious that there are lots of Kings who are governing this area by that alone.

“After seeing it myself, it’s really true, there are a ton of Kings around.”

“Haha, if it wasn’t like that , we wouldn’t be called the ‘Mixed Reign Kingdom’ both at home and abroad.”

This district seems really cool. However, even if it’s fantastic, there is nothing like a sea. There are only 2 lakes.

“There is no sea around this area, huh…”

“There isn’t. In the past, there seemed to be one, but it disappeared when some of the Kings quarrelled with each other. Only 2 lakes remain.

“Don’t say such scary things so easily.”

It’s certainly true that the King’s powers are strong. I suspect that it’s not something that you should talk or gossip about.

“It’s okay. Thanks to that, we now have new ways for the Kings to quarrel… Why, did you want to wish for the sea?”

“Un, in order to make tofu, brine… Salt water is needed.”

However, in this Kingdom, there isn’t any sea. Well, what to do.

“That… Brine… What is that?”

“It’s a mineral like item taken out of sea water.”



It seems like she doesn’t understand. Most likely, nutritional science has not yet been developed that far.


“It has the effect of hardening the tofu.”

“If that’s the case, can you use gelatin? Although, it’s not a 『min-ear-all』.”

“Using gelatin to harden tofu is… Oh! Right! If it’s a mineral…”

I realized as I was talking, in this district, there is, in fact, the Gourmet King. He makes cuisines that are filled with salt.

“Hey, Izuna, how do people in the district produce salt?”

“Un? The world’s salt is obtained from the sea. However, the salt in the district is managed by the Purification King. I don’t know how he makes it. However, it’s certain that our mixture of kingdoms is using salt from the salt lake.” Izuna pointed to a lake on the outskirts of the city on the map. “There are comments that the taste of salt outside the district is stronger.”

“If that’s the case, perhaps――”

Kazuya took out some salt from the shelves, and looked at it with Analytical Eyes. With that, the contents were immediately displayed.

“Sodium Chloride, Calcium Sulphate… Ah, that’s it…!”


“Izuna. Would you kindly get me a bucket of salt water from the salt lake now?”

“O-Ou… Understood. I will get one immediately.” Izuna teleported herself after saying that.

After a few dozen seconds, she returned to the room hugging a bucket of white murky water. “Is this okay?”

“… Izuna’s ability is really convenient. To be able to do that at a moment’s notice, I am really happy to be with you.”

“No-No matter how you praise me, nyo- nothing will come of it. Ho-Hora, this is the water as you wanted.” Izuna smiled, her face turned flush red, as she passed me the water.

Kazuya used Analytical Eyes on the water after being passed the bucket. Revealing, “The concentration of calcium sulphate is strong. Since that is the case, there shouldn’t be any problem. I can make Tofu with this, Izuna!”

“I-Is that so? However, what is this 『cal-see-um sull-fate』?”

It is an ingredient that assists in hardening of soy milk. Calcium Sulphate is one of the coagulating ingredients. Although it is also used to make plaster, even if you eat it, it’s not toxic in these amounts. In hindsight, compared to brine, using it should be simpler. I remembered watching a food show on TV mentioning it.


“Alright, since that’s the case, let’s make outofthisworld tofu. Please help out, Izuna.”


“O-Ou… Understood.!”

So, Kazuya started making tofu. With all ingredients assembled, it can be said that there is nothing more relaxing than making tofu.

Freshly pressed… Or rather, taking unfiltered soy milk (which is like soybeans being pressed until the point of liquefaction), into the pot, and warm it over a fire. As I warm it to just below the boiling point, I stir the calcium sulphate solution into the soy milk. The solution is made from purified salt lake water and additional salt. After which, I stir the soy milk repeatedly.

“With that, right.”

“Eh? I-is it done now?”


“Ahh, now, we just need to let it sit.”



As she watches over the pot with deep interest, changes start happening to the soymilk solution.

It starts slowly coagulating.

Slowly, the soymilk becomes glassy.


“Great, we succeeded…”

After 10 minutes, the crystallization of Kazuya and Izuna’s hard work, *defurun* wobbled on the plate.

“I shall name this Other World Tofu.. I guess.”

The first tofu in this district and this world has been completed, probably.

In our next chapter, “The Secret of the Tofu”. The plot thickens, and why the Cooking King never developed tofu.

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