Return of The Former Hero 103

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Translator: Raizu
TLC: Alex
Editor: InconspicuousNinja

Chapter 103. Former Hero. Stops being worried.

[What is this?]

As I was carrying the damn heavy rucksack packed with luggage on my back, Sharon and Ijoined our hands in the lovey-dovey mood while we were going to the place where Kurato was. Though when I saw its completely changed appearance, I just absentmindedly stared at it.
Though Kurato itself also had its undercarriage or whatever disassembled, what was more intriguing is that there was a huge boxcar sticking close to it from behind.
If I am to assume that it was trying to be a 2-storey bus thus far, now it’s a railroad car of some local line district.

[Kagura-san! Sorry, we’ve come this late. Here, we’ve brought them!]

[Oh… Thank you. You can put them over there…]

Sharon passes to Kagura-san the luggage that we’ve brought.

[Hi. It’s been a while]

[Oh… If it isn’t Haru-kun. It’s been a while…]

I also come up to Kagura-san after Sharon and greet her.

Even though it’s a reunion after being parted for two weeks, there wasn’t any joyous atmosphere lingering.
The reason for that is because Kagura-san is in the state where she seems like she could die anytime now

I-Is this girl alright?
She is sweating greatly. Is it because she has been working under the summer sun?

Was she unable to stand that sunlight? She is lightly dressed tucking every nook and cranny like that time with the swimsuit, and her clothes are getting even more soaked in sweat from that.
Although she is currently the same she was during the race, the eroticness is increasing just due to the fact that she is wet from her sweat.
… Ah, I really am a terrible pervert.

Everything is because I’ve become all sweaty with Sharon earlier.
It can’t be helped, right? I’m not at fault here.

More importantly, the real problem is that it’s terrible that Kagura-san is in peril.

[Are you alright? What about heatstroke? Please take care of yourself]

[Yeah… It’s because I’ve been working inside until yesterday so I was still alright. Though I did make light of summer’s sunlight…
I thought I would definitely be alright, judging by my fine composure during the race…]

It seems that upon me being worried about her, the person herself quickly understood her own situation.
When we entered the sea during the race or when she almost didn’t move due to me carrying her in my arms, I wonder if the thinks of that as us working together under the blazing sun.

[If there is anything I can do, I will do it. Kagura-san, can you give me instructions from the shade?]

[I will be helping too!]

When I try to offer my help, Sharon steps in as well.

[Thanks, both of you… Then let’s start immediately. Can you take those tools inside?]

Kagura-san gives instruction while staggering on her feet.
When she says “inside”, she probably means this additional railroad vehicle which looks like a boxcar and a building at the same time.

As I try to bring the tools inside, Sharon takes the luggage before I can react and enters the additional vehicle behind Kurato. I have been beaten.
Oh well.
Then, I’ll ask the most of thing that has made me curious at once.

[Kagura-san. What is that?]

That’s right.
To begin with, what are those things?

No, I know that it is an additional railroad vehicle, but I do not know why it’s here.

[That? It’s my new home though?]

[Eh? Home?]

Kagura-san’s answer was a bit unexpected, I’ve accidentally let out a voice without thinking.
Eh? House? Kagura-san’s? What does she mean?

[Nn? Haru-kun doesn’t know?
Eeeh? I thought Rithina-sama has told you about it]

It seems Rithina has been doing something.
It seems she is aiming for something else, in addition to not telling me why Kagura-san has come here either.

By the way, even Kagura-san calls Rithina using the “sama” honorific.
Aside from that, it seems like a good idea to ask what Rithina has been thinking about a bit later.
After Sharon who has put the luggage inside comes back, I leave the helping to her and head to Rithina.
Rithina and Mina were still in middle of doing the laundry.

Since they have been defeated by Laurier during the race, they have to take on the duty of washing her clothes. Tsk.
I’ve been busy with sleeping and cleaning which was my punishment for the past two weeks, so I’ve to make sure to take their place next time.

[Rithina-sama, Can I take your time for a moment? Mina. Sorry about this, but I will be borrowing Rithina-sama for a moment]

When I call out to them, the 2 girls notice me.
After I get Mina consent, Rithina follows me to my room.

[What is wrong… Ah]

Rithina seems to understand the reason why I’ve called her. She has a good sense.
Though it’s good, she had no choice here.

[That. Can you explain to me what that is?]

I ask Rithina while pointing at the Kurato and Kagura to our backs.

[Etto… You see…]

Although I thought she would gloss it over, Rithina easily explained everything to me.

Long-story short, according to Rithina, she is baiting Kagura-san.

When I asked what she was baiting her with, it turned out to be the advantages Kagura-san would have when I become the territory’s feudal lord of the Millis Kingdom.

She had been persisting in talking Kagura-san into having her invited as a craftsman to her territory since some time ago, and in case I would be reluctant, that dialogue would’ve been finished by then. That’s sort of thing.
It seems it’s about treating the other party as a future king.

But in the end, it didn’t come to that since I’ve easily accepted Rithina’s proposal, so there was no more need to hide it any longer.

What’s with this situation.
Does she think if she supplies me with a girl, I’ll thoughtlessly accept her proposal?
… I think I would though.

I cannot deny it at all. How weird.
I am so simple. Hehe.

Wait, it’s about me easily accepting any agreement.

I had certainly planned to talk to Kagura-san about whether I could get her to come with us as well, but with the result being determined already, it can be said that I was saved the trouble of doing it.
However, the thing that I do not like is that on top of the discussion not being known to me beforehand, Rithina has been advancing it at her own discretion without my permission.

Although I like how she spreads her buttocks, that’s the physical aspect, which is not related to how sore I feel now emotionally.
Though I also feel that it’s too late to change it now.

Although I feel that “the result this time is all according to Rithina anticipations!” the conclusion is reached based on the merits and demerits decided by me.
I guess I don’t like being skillfully used that much.

[Please don’t make any strange dealings behind my back, and consult me first next time… Okay!]

As revenge, I pull Rithina’s cheeks and knead them.

[Munyu… Hiya… Fuyaruhiyokun… so… sowwy!]


This is more interesting that I thought.
Although we have a completely intimate relationship, it’s still enjoyable to do this to the third princess of a whole country.
Also, her cheeks are so soft.

After enjoying Rithina’s cheek for awhile, I release my hands.

[Please be more honest and talk to me beforehand. It made me feel bad when things went I knew that I was cleverly being used]

[Uuu… I’m sorry… I understand]

Occasionally I need to show my dignity by dropping the usual honorifics.

If it’s the usual Rithina, she would easily sway the matter whenever I said something to her. But this time she said apologized obediently. It seems she was unexpectedly affected by difference in my tone of voice

Rithina is like this.
When I remember her “queen mode” from the last night, and then compare it with her downhearted expression right now, there is a wide difference.

The truth is I was a little bit anxious about which one is the real Rithina.
Perhaps, the image I had of her since the first time we met was Rithina as a queen, and her true nature is different from that.

Well, whatever. Rithina is Rithina, with all her expressions.
As I was thinking about such things, Rithina joined her arm and lifted her abundant chest.

[If you want to punish me, you can do as much as you like with them]

Eh? What did she say?
Punishment? What does she mean by doing anything to them?

I’m always doing whatever I like to Rithina’s breasts.
But, to knead them, why is that when she calls it punishment it looks more erotic to rub them, I wonder?

Ooh. This is a mystery. The world is surely very complex.

Alright, as the former hero, I’ll work hard.

Wait, wait a second.
That reminds me, I’m being carried away because of being persuaded by ero stuff.
Also, am I seriously full of sexual excitement? Even if i’m telling that to myself, it sounds so cruel

But… But, it’s the libido which overflows from the depth of my body.

This is the nature of a man.Should I do it, or should I not?

Even so, if I go with the flow, my dignity…
No, however, what would I gain should I refuse it here?
Should I…

Mou, thinking about it is so annoying.

If there are breasts that need to be punished in front of me, it’s good to punish them.
Simple? That’s me.

Umu. The world is simple. Or rather, am I the simple one?

I have decided, I take Rithina’s arm.

What should I do?
There is Kagura-san nearby, and doing it outside is not good.

It means, should we do it inside Kurato?
Kagura-san is working on the rear side, but since Kurato is the vehicle of the Royal Family, the soundproofing should be perfect.

If we close the soundproofing windows, even if screams are raised inside, they won’t be heard from the outside.
Un. Yes, that’s good.

As I’m about to take Rithina and enter Kurato, Mina is standing on our sideway before I was aware of her.
With eyes full of expectations, there is a collar in her hands.

[I heard something about punishment]

Do you hear it?
As expected of the cat-eared girl. Her ears are good.

Mina-chan. You sure like collar and punishment stuff.
I think it’s very good.

Fu. Fufufu.

A hero will answer any expectations placed on him.
I will show you the power of Former Hero.

…. And then, I take Rithina and Mina, I’m going to make sure they receive plenty of punishment.


My, my waist is in pain…
As I expected, I’ll go to sleep without doing anything tonight.

The the day has gradually passed,and the sky has begun to turn red

As I left Sharon behind after telling I would help Kagura-san, I was looked at with cold eyes when I returned.

[I’m sorry]

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