Yuusha Onna – Chapter 36

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TL: Aeon
TLC: Faerieeee
Editor: Xaga

Yuusha Onna – Chapter 36
36 : Arriving at the town

The town guards noticed the situation and came to help.

「Are you OK? Are you hurt? 」
「We’re safe!! Leaving that aside, let’s do our best!!」

We restrain the wolves while going towards the town. When we approach the town, we see the wolves make a U-turn and leave so we rest, feeling relieved.

「It seems to be all right as of now. Let’s go to town quickly.」
「Yeah, let’s go.」

The man who has jumped down from the carriage at the beginning approached me and talked to me.

「You really saved me. Let me thank you properly.」
「 It’s okay. You would do the same if I were in trouble.」


「No, no, I have to give you my thanks properly…As you can see, I am managing one of the shops.」

As he says that, he pulls out something like a business card from his pocket.

「I am Lysine Chris, a merchant that runs a trading business. My best regards.」
「I am Haruna. My best regards.」

I receive the business card, and we shake hands.

「This, please accept it for the time being. Because i don’t happen to have much money on hand for now, this is only what I can give you, however…」
「Haa, I am really grateful for this.」


I receive a small drawstring bag, the man says with a bow to come to the shop without fail!! He lead the carriage after he asked for a confirmation and left for the downtown.

「Did something happen? Haruna-san.」
「Yeah. I got a reward from the person we helped.」


I hand to Lilia the small drawstring bag so she see it. Lilia opens the drawstring bag, and took out the things inside it. What came out was,

「This is money.」
「Hee、It’s not paper…」

Ten-odd coins where the profile of a woman from a game center is drawn came out.

「It’s silver. So these are silver coins.」
「silver coins…」

Though Haruna had some silver accessories, it’s her first time seeing silver coins. When Lilla gave the coins back to me, my hand felt heavy.

After I returned the money to Lilia,

「Well, something wrong happened, but we got into town.」
「That’s right. First of all, let’s look for a hotel.」


The sky becomes night and slowly darkens, we went on to search for a hotel.

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