Yuusha Onna – Chapter 38


TL: Aeon
TLC: Faerieeee
Editor: Xaga

Yuusha Onna – Chapter 38
38 : Arrival at the inn

At the entrance of the inn, there was a hanging signboard with “Inn of Linda 1” written on it.

「An inn. Then, let’s go in.」

「You’re right. Because there’s no choice but to stay here as long as we like.」

We opened the door of the inn and entered inside.

I find out that the inside of the inn we entered is built quite large.

Near the entrance is the counter and there was a man sitting there.

「Welcome, oh?It’s uncommon to see only women. Is it your first time here?」

The man stood up and got closer as he spoke to us.

「Yes, it’s our first time. How much is it for one night?」

「For one night, two people without meal cost 1 silver coin. One silver coin for two people. It’ll cost you two if each of you want a room.」

「You’re good with sharing a room, right Lilia ?」

「Of course!!」

Lilia took out one silver coin and passed it to the man.

「Alright. That’s the key. It’s the innermost room on the second floor.」

We received the room key from the man and we go up the stairs near the counter.


There’s only one corridor and four doors on the second floor of the inn, there was nothing besides the corridor.

「It’s here. Room 204.」

The room number on the key matched the room number on the door,

As the owner told us, it’s the innermost room on the second floor.

That’s why I was surprised when I entered the room.

*Boom* They put one large bed.


Here I remember, the speech of the inn’s man.

『My? It’s uncommon. Having only women.』

For me too, there was a time when I thought that inn = hotel.

It seems that this inn = love hotel.




「………………。Weell、It’s OK, right♪」

「Y, yeah. It’s OK…」

Lilia doesn’t seem to be particularly embarrassed.

First of all, it is not good to stand still at the entrance of the room so Lilia and I enter the room.

Though I was indeed surprised because there is a bed that shouts *boom* in the center of the room, when I take a careful look at the room, so far it’s not a bad room.

It has a big window, and from there, there’s a veranda where you can see the town’s avenue.

On the veranda, there isare a table and two chairs, In other words, if you can eat elegantly with two people, meaning that two people can eat gracefully,

There seems to be a toilet in the room, and satisfactorily, it’s a flush toilet.

「Firstly, let’s take a rest before going for dinner.」

「Ah, well then, I’ll join you!! But before that…♪」


When I look over my shoulder, Lilia embraced me.♪ Pushing me down on the bed.

「Tee!? Liliaa!? Not yet, ah, outsiide…, cummiiing♪」


「It’s because I couldn’t do anything for one day. Yeah. *Chu*♪」

「Auuh、We did it in the morning, toooo… Also when we caame…」

「Ufufu. This is this♪」

Afterwards, when Lilia got satisfied and we got up from the bed, it was already dark outside.


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