Slave Harem – 213 – Grandmother-sama

Hi All,

I am here to introduce myself and I hope you enjoyed reading Slave Harem as i had fun translating it, specially since i stole most of the juicy ones :p

As you all know Slave Harem author is releasing 1 chapter per 2 month, so this will be the last Slave Harem chapter i will translate as the rest will be translated by Cyro and mranon as raw comes out.

For my future plans, i don’t plan on picking any new project, i will look around at some of the delayed projects on RtD and maybe help or pick one of them, but i don’t plan on relaxed releasing schedule as i need to catch up to a few web novels and games (especially Xenoblade) which i delayed due to new work and SH taking most of my time, ultimately i want to try and translate one of Eusully games, if anyone know a guide on how to extract the lines and images from the game please email it to me: [email protected]
Thanks for all the love guys.
Well then, enjoy the read.


oh, whether there will be a chapter tomorrow or not depends on you
almost forgot that :p

TL: airsblue
Edited: Cyrogen
Thanks mranon for all his help so far



Last Chapter: I was caught when I went to see the Duke.

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