Smartphone Light Novel Vol.4 Illustration


With us reaching Volume 4 (finally), here is the promised Illustration from LN volume 4, please thanks ooPeaToo , from animesuki community for sharing these illustration with us.

The Illustration starts from Chapter 80 and end with chapter 106. Chapter 107 Mark the start of Volume 5.

The Illustration are arranged per appearance in LN…. hopefully!!

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Smartphone Light Novel Vol.1 Illustration


Good Day Everyone

Thanks to ooPeaToo , from animesuki community, we landed ourselves Light Novel Illustration for Smartphone and we decided to share them with all of you.

We will Release LN Illustration for Volume 1-3 within a week. As for the rest we will release after we finish translating to that point to prevent spoiling anything.

Hope you all have fun with Volume 1 Illustration.

Volume 2 Illustration tomorrow

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Slave Harem – 213 – Grandmother-sama

Hi All,

I am here to introduce myself and I hope you enjoyed reading Slave Harem as i had fun translating it, specially since i stole most of the juicy ones :p

As you all know Slave Harem author is releasing 1 chapter per 2 month, so this will be the last Slave Harem chapter i will translate as the rest will be translated by Cyro and mranon as raw comes out.

For my future plans, i don’t plan on picking any new project, i will look around at some of the delayed projects on RtD and maybe help or pick one of them, but i don’t plan on relaxed releasing schedule as i need to catch up to a few web novels and games (especially Xenoblade) which i delayed due to new work and SH taking most of my time, ultimately i want to try and translate one of Eusully games, if anyone know a guide on how to extract the lines and images from the game please email it to me:
Thanks for all the love guys.
Well then, enjoy the read.


oh, whether there will be a chapter tomorrow or not depends on you
almost forgot that :p

TL: airsblue
Edited: Cyrogen
Thanks mranon for all his help so far



Last Chapter: I was caught when I went to see the Duke.

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