The RTD Story 9.0

Hi Everyone, here is the next RTD Story. It just gets lewder and lewder. Enjoy~

On a side note, we are still looking for translators for Shinka and other projects. MTLers are fine. However, we are looking for people who are willing to put in effort in translating.

If you are interested, do drop by with this link

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Shinka No Mi Chapter 65

First of all, RTD would like to wish Everyone a very Happy New Year. In Japanese, we will usually greet people with あけましておめでとうございます which literally means Happy New Year! However, as time goes by, people get lazier and will just greet each other with あけおめ. (Lazy Japanese)

With further ado, here is a chapter of Shinka~

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The RTD Story 8.0

Hey guys, it’s nearly Christmas and here is the next RTD Story 8.0…  As we move towards Thanksgiving and Holey Christmas, the carnal desires of the peeps in RTD  comes alive. Enjoy~

As mentioned in the first picture, if you want to be part of the dirtied ones, join us at this link. If you just wanna look at the weird banter in our #general chat, do not hesitate to join as well. However, be might be the next new victim to be pinned~

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