#059 The Four Kings and the Rescue

Jammerg55 here, alright folks. I’ll see how far I get with the 100 chapter sin 30 days. If necessary I’ll bump it up to 40 days, but I’m going to try and bust these out. Now just because I’m posting so many chapters per week doesn’t mean you have to read them all at once. I don’t think they’re going any where any time soon. At any rate please Enjoy the party!

PS if any of you are interested, I’ll post updates about how much has been donated later.
For those that don’t want to donate via paypal there is a Go fund me link of course no one has to donate anything if they don’t want to.
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#058 Takeda’s Circumstances and Infiltration

Jammerg55 here, sorry for the delay. If any of you wish to donate to the “so strong an elephant can’t break it” laptop donation fund I would be most grateful (myname(at)gmail.com for the paypal and if you can’t use paypal I’ll setup a real donation link). Beginning next week I will be attempting to do 100 chapters in 30 days, beginning with the next chapter release, as promised, (which comes out to ~25 per week) with a counter at the bottom just above the chapter navigation links. As for the additional translator “Greg” (he hasn’t told me what he wants to go by yet) has been tentatively chosen as a new translator, there was an attempt made by msdworld however as he didn’t follow instructions I was unable to accept it. Thank you for making an attempt and do hope you continue to read this series. Anyways This chapter was mostly translated by “Greg” finished and edited by me. Continue reading

Smartphone Translator Recruitment and update

Alrighty people, my I experienced a tragic loss of my laptop which had all my translations for the next few weeks. It fell off a desk onto one of its corners and literally fell apart. So I’ll have to retranslate those chapters – again. Anyways I am wanting an additional translator to help out for a while. The Japanese is simpler than some of the other works on the site however some knowledge would be helpful. That being said, if there is someone that wishes to help translating this story translate the following lines:
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