[18+ NSFW] Elf Tensei: Chapter 2, Episode 9.2 (V2C9.2)

Translator/First-Pass editor: HelloMojo
Editor(s): Pandaant
Proof-Reader(s): Pandaant

[Age 18+ Chapter NSFW]
No really… This SERIOUSLY is NSFW…

Translator Message(s): So… ya…? Well, at least close to the last of these chapters…

Krozam on 15th January 2016 at 2:34 pm said:Edit
Thanks for the chapter. This is a great chapter. I really laughed aloud at Cyril’s sheer nerve, in the night-time scene with Kuu. XD
-That wasn’t the night-time scene… THIS is the night-time scene…. You’re silly…

Editor’s message: …what did I just edit…. Well enjoy.

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Elf Tensei: Chapter 2, Episode 9 (V2C9)

Translator/First-Pass Editor: HelloMojo
Editor(s): Pandaant

Translator Message: Previous chapters were not that interesting with it all being about cooking and such. Some commenters even graciously took the time to say how they didn’t bother reading it, which I guess was their way of “inspiring” more motivation…?

Editor Message: Thank Egads for doing all work he has done and will continue to do.

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