Recruitment – June, 2017-Translators

Greetings, everyone!   It’s the time of year when I invite new volunteers to join us at RTD!  Currently, we have much dead to raise within our own site…   So, without further ado:

Once you have chosen which project you’d like to join, join our discord here:
Submit your application in the ‘recruitment’ channel, then we will add the ‘recruitment’ role to you and get back to you.

High Priority Projects

E?  Heibon Desu Yo?
A translator is required for E?  Heibon desu yo?   The requirement would be a chapter a fortnight, at the minimum.   An editor will be provided.

Elf Tensei
One to three translators are required for Elf Tensei.  This project is a harder one and as such, your Japanese knowledge should be quite high.   An editor will be provided.     The requirement is one a fortnight, but hopefully one a week.

Master of Monsters
Multiple translators are required for Master of Monsters.  Japanese knowledge needs to be quite high.   The chapter requirement is also one a fortnight, but we can deal with one a month.   Editors will be provided.

Yuusha Onna 

A translator is required for Yuusha Onna.     The chapter requirement is one a week, but hopefully more than that.   An editor will be provided.

Moderate Priority Projects 

Shinka no Mi

Multiple translators are required for Shinka no Mi.  The release schedule for shinka is once a fortnight.  Translators work out which chapters they want to work on together.  Editors are provided.

Takami no Kago 

Raizu is looking for new translators to help with Takami no Kago (Divine protection of Many Gods).

That’s all for now!