Smartphone Chapter 151

It took a long time and here we are. New chapters kampai.

One of the more interesting things though. Since about this chapter the high and mighty author started to include pronunciations for some terms, names and difficult(?) words. All hail to the author. Now we can interpret names more correctly πŸ™‚ Btw, those pronunciations will be mostly arbitrarily added depending on context (like names, pronouns) which usually matter throughout the story. Those are marked byγ€Šγ€‹, so watch out for those.

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Smartphone Chapter 149

And a bonus chapter for all interested πŸ™‚

Now, the next chapter (150) is basically the character re-introduction by The Author. There is some interesting though quite minor stuff mentioned. But since it is irrelevant currently to the story, it will be done in a spare time when not doing regular chapters. However! It will be posted (maybe at the end of the current arc, or something).

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