Official Announcement on Shinka no Mi

Hiya, this is the admins of RTD speaking.

Recently, we were notified by fellow people that a new chapter of Shinka no Mi had been picked up by another individual. We then noticed a comment on our Contact RTD page, which the individual had left. We would first like to remind you that we ask you to visit our Discord channel in order to get into contact with us, as we do not browse the comments.

One of his points, however, we would like to comment on

“It’s just that it takes like two months for RTD to put it out, and I did the chapter in like two days.”

Recently, RTD has been working on how we do things, as well as the quality of our content. We understand that it may be frustrating to wait for long periods of time for these chapters. However, our process goes through three stages: Translation, Translation Checking and Editing.

These stages have two purposes:

#1; Ensuring that the authors original intent is conveyed. Although we are not infallible, we do try our best and work to improve on this.

#2; Ensuring that the content is fluent and understandable in English.

However, having said that, we do hold the readers in our minds, so let us be transparent:

Shinka no Mi was originally meant to have two chapters released a month. Given the length of chapters, as well as the colloquial, pun filled language that Seiichi uses, we believed that this would be appropriate. We do not believe that this quota would be unreasonable.

All that being said, it is for the readers to decide exactly what they want to do. We will continue on posting our chapters, at the the rate of hopefully a chapter per fortnight. Beyond this, it’s up to you.

Takami no Kago 71

Sup everyone, Raizu is here!

This chapter is… still about Baseball. Sometimes I wonder if there is God of Baseball exist on this novel world, the MC can ask for His Divine Protection. XD

Anyway, enjoy~

Translator: Bob
Editor/TLC: Darknari
Etc: Raizu

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An Enthusiastic Reader who love reading LN, WN, and VN.
I decided to be a translator to contribute something for the community. Please enjoy my works~ ^^

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Happy Lunar New Year and Skill Taker

Dear all,

First of all, the RTD team would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone Lunar New Year. 恭喜发财!May Everyone enjoy Prosperity, Good Fortune and Happiness in this year of Chicken

With that said, I believe there was 3 posts of Skill Taker which was posted previously. We regret to announce that due to the TL-er going missing and non of the staff willing to take it up, we will not be posting any Skill Taker Chapters. Let this be an official announcement that anyone is free to take this series up.

In addition, we are please to announce that Master of Monster is restarting again, albeit in a slower pace. Please stay tuned for more details.

Should anyone wish to host their series on our site, please go to our discord channel and ping us. There are helpful people in the server who can direct you to the correct people.

We are still looking for Editors and TLC. Please enter our channel to talk to us.

Last but not the least, to whom it may concern, our NSFW channel is literally that: All content which is not safe for work. If you find some of the posts offensive, we ask you simply leave the channel, as the only rules it really has is that all content must be legal.


Takami no Kago 70

Hello everyone! Raizu is here.
I’m sorry for the lack of update. We’ve been busy for these few weeks.
Hopefully, we’ll back in track start from this week. 🙂

On different note, I and Renbo just did some fun sidejob as fansubber.
We did Seiren by using [RR-Subs]. Since we did it for fun, don’t expect much from it. But hey, who knows we might do all of them till end. XD

Anyway, enjoy your new chapter.

Translator: Bob
Editor/TLC: Darknari
The rest: Raizu.

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An Enthusiastic Reader who love reading LN, WN, and VN.
I decided to be a translator to contribute something for the community. Please enjoy my works~ ^^

Visit my blog: