The RTD Story Part 2

We have new members in RTD!
Let us welcome the following members.

Misha               – the lewd Maid. If it’s lewd, Misha is definitely involved.
Serina              – She probably has a “I am Aho” shirt in her closet.
Plushie Trap    –  Trap who kept requesting to enter NSFW channel
Aria                  –  Someone who is into traps
Liza                  –  S

Without forgetting the main characters in our previous episode, we bring joy to the people in RTD discord channel. Join us and see for yourself the spectacle we always end up with.

Without further ado, please enjoy the pins!

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Official Announcement on Shinka no Mi

Hiya, this is the admins of RTD speaking.

Recently, we were notified by fellow people that a new chapter of Shinka no Mi had been picked up by another individual. We then noticed a comment on our Contact RTD page, which the individual had left. We would first like to remind you that we ask you to visit our Discord channel in order to get into contact with us, as we do not browse the comments.

One of his points, however, we would like to comment on

“It’s just that it takes like two months for RTD to put it out, and I did the chapter in like two days.”

Recently, RTD has been working on how we do things, as well as the quality of our content. We understand that it may be frustrating to wait for long periods of time for these chapters. However, our process goes through three stages: Translation, Translation Checking and Editing.

These stages have two purposes:

#1; Ensuring that the authors original intent is conveyed. Although we are not infallible, we do try our best and work to improve on this.

#2; Ensuring that the content is fluent and understandable in English.

However, having said that, we do hold the readers in our minds, so let us be transparent:

Shinka no Mi was originally meant to have two chapters released a month. Given the length of chapters, as well as the colloquial, pun filled language that Seiichi uses, we believed that this would be appropriate. We do not believe that this quota would be unreasonable.

All that being said, it is for the readers to decide exactly what they want to do. We will continue on posting our chapters, at the the rate of hopefully a chapter per fortnight. Beyond this, it’s up to you.