Shinka no Mi Chapter 48

Hi guys, As a little gift we’ve rushed out chapter 48 with the following chapter to come 2 weeks from now. Now I won’t be around for that as I will be away on an exchange so have fun.

TL: saintdevil,inconspicuousninja

TLC:renbo, midori
ED: midnightwill

48 Bath

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Shinka no Mi Chapter 46

On a surprising day after christmas RTD give to you chapter of Shinka no Mi.
hi everyone sorry for the delay, i headed off on holiday while everyone was getting ready for the christmas special. And don’t think this is all that RTD has 😉 bye mina – MidnightWill

Tl: InconspiciousNinja
TLC: Renbo, Midori
ED; MidnightWill

46 – Curses and Determination

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Takami no Kago 69

Here is the last christmas present from us.
Takami no Kago (2/2)

Happy Golden week and enjoy~~

Translator: Bob
Editor/TLC: Darknari
The rest: Raizu

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