Alice Tale ~ Chapter 47 ~ Interlude: The Princess Knight’s Order 

Fairy here. I had managed to find a new TL for Alice Tale so we are officially restarting this fluffy series. So please take care of him and his team.
Our recruitment drive is pretty successful so stay tuned for our revival of our dead series!~

Hi, I’m Taniko. I’m new translator at Raising the Dead, I will be working on Alice Tale as you can see an update. I hope you will like it. Long story short – we’re starting from where previous team on RTD stopped. For starters we’re adding chapter 47. Previous chapter 47 was in fact next one (48). Expect regular updates unless something happen to us that is unlikely. See ya next time and enjoy new chapter.

Fairy: Long Story short.. He meant this.

TL: Taniko
TLC: Osura
Editor: ThePlaneskeeper

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Return of The Former Hero 93

Good day everyone!

Here is the new chapter of Motoyuusha~
It’s getting good. It seems we’re gonna get battle scene on the next chapter. XD

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Blackswordman

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