Demon Lord’s Pet

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A synopsis please? I’m flying blind here

Basically (although i’m probably late for this), this guy is trying to reach an absurd amount of yen so he can retire really freaking early. he plays online poker in his free time, which he doesn’t have much of between jobs, and one of his poker buddies ends up being a demon lord (lady?) from another world who kidnaps him due to him saying he’d be unable to get on poker for a couple of months. Turns out she lives horribly (fast food every day, her room being the only one livable and is STILL a mess, etc) and he… Read more »
Deus Ex Machina

Google novel updates demon lord’s pet


The author hasn’t updated this novel since February (he seems to be centering on My House is a Magic Power Spot and Skill Up with Login Bonus), but no ” “finished” notice has been given.

The LN only has 1 volume with 9 chapters + bangaihen, but it has no numbering and it’s been a year since it was published. His other novels, on the other hand, have numbering and several volumes.

Is this novel finished? Did the author give up? Is the LN volume an alternate oneshot?


OK. Checked the footnote at the end of the last chapter and it was, indeed, the last.


How much chapter there would be in the wn version?