Takami no Kago 85

This is the first work from our new translator, Ero.
Please welcome him into our big family of RTD! *clasp clasp clasp*

A short message from Ero:
“I Recommend them to watch “Uchiage Hanabi” it’s great shaft movie, beautiful.”

Well, then, enjoy~

Translator: Ero
TLC/Editor: Darknari
Misc. Stuff: Raizu

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The RTD Story 7.0


Dear all,

Here is the next RTD story!! It is a little NSFW so read them when you are alone so that no one can judge you! Enjoy~


PS: I am not sure why as the months go by, the people in RTD discord get more lewd. If you feel that you are able to heal these corrupted people, please join us at this link! If you wish to be part of this beautiful mess, beware what you wish for….



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#209 The Postwar Cleanup and the Robbery

2/2. The last chapter of this arc. Next one is big, with 20+ chapters in it 🙂

(Foreword: Due to people coming out and saying why updates do not happen on (site name) or happen late or wrong or anything, I have to make a statement: we’re posting our translation only on www.raisingthedead.ninja. If you read it anywhere else, that means that our work has been stolen/copied without noting the source/whatever and you support those people. That is all)

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