#200 Again, Profile Introduction 2

Okay folks. You’ve waited long enough. Thanks for all your answers in the poll. We’ve looked through them and applied some changes to the names. Not all are gonna be pleased with the end result, but that’s how it’s going to be for now. About 2/3 of the names are small changes which you might not even notice, while the latter 1/3 is quite serious. All the names we have changed have been marked in this chapter, so look through it. You are also welcome to join us in our discord channel if you want your opinion to be heard further or just to chat with us πŸ™‚

The next chapter will be up in somewhere between 8-10 hours. Have fun.

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The RTD Story 6.0

Hi guys, here is the next RTD Story. Chats in RTD are getting more and more lewd these days so take this with a pinch of milk~

We are still looking for Translators/TLC who knows Japanese. If you do and wish to help us, please visit us at this link. If not, it’s fine to join us and enjoy the banter there.

I can assure you that the people in there are lewd, weird and downright crazy. If you belong to any categories stated, what are you waiting for?!

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Return of The Former Hero 104

Sup everyone! Raizu is here.
Good news, I got an editor. Yay! Welcome to the team, Shirayuki!

But still, we still need help for the TLC position. Currently that spot is handled by my comrades (from the other projects) on RTD.
But, hey, at least finally I can get my own dedicated editor. πŸ˜€

Anyway, enjoy your new chapter~

Translator: Raizu
TLC: Alex
Editor: Shirayuki

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Master of Monster Vol. 2 Ch. 15


It pains me to announce that to date, RTD is unable to find TLs to translate this series in a satisfactory manner. As such, there are massive delays for this series.

There are other people who wish to take this up and had emailed us personally. After a long discussion with the team, we hereby announce that we will give up this series.

We are in the midst of reshuffling and might take up easier series to host them on our site.

Terms and Condition

  1. RTD will be allowed to pick it up again if the other party decides to drop it or having questionable translations.
  2. We may retranslate from the part where we deem fit and host them directly on our site.
  3. We may host their chapters on our site with proper acknowledgements of their work.

With that, please enjoy

TL: Gengareric(ex) ; airsblue
TLC: Fairy, Renbo, Rinkage
Editor: Xrain, Rinkage

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