Shinka no Mi – chapter 55

Hi guys, with this chapter we should be back to our usual release of 1 chapter every 2 weeks, as before i got swamped with assignments in real life. We are also looking for new translators to join the shinka team, you can contact us on our discord. Until next time





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Shinka no mi 53

Hi guys sorry for the EXTREME DELAY, I was busy with assignment in RL and if you guys joined the discord channel you would have been upto date on the situation. So sorry for the long delay, it still a bit rough in term of edit but i promise i will go through it later. I’ll be posting 54 shortly as this as well, thanks for your patience

Ch 53 – Abnormal Event




UraharaMayumi here, seeing as how this will be my first published translation I want to say thank you to all the RTD Team that allows me to work on Shinka no Mi. It’s been fun working on this and I hope I can keep translating for the series. Also thank you to my Editor and TLC that work on this chapter, You are the best.
One more note from me there will be term that is displayed as 【X (Y)】The author meant it as where X is how it is written and Y is how he want you to read it.
I’m sorry for the long note and thank you for reading it!

Translator        : UraharaMayumi
Editor              : MidnightWill
TLC                 : Renbo, Midori


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